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So. It's raining. This is not news. Out of the past two and half weeks or so, we've had about two days of sun. When the boys walk through the back yard, there is this disgusting sucking noise with each step (think Steve Martin in that scene from Roxanne when he's describing the aliens to the old biddies). Of course, come this summer when the inevitable drought sets in and I'm doing the watering equivalent of musical chairs I'll be ruing this day I complained (oh there will be so much ruage, people).


Reason one through one million times eleventy why having only a one car garage suckeths muchly.

Mom: [re-enters house] Honey, you need to move your car.
Me: [standing outside bathroom, naked as the day I was born] !!!
Mom: [rightfully interpreting my silence] Nevermind, I'll move your car.
Me: [not really meaning it] Are you sure? Because, like I can't. I'm like totally naked. (Apparently being caught unawares turns me into straight up Valley girl. Who knew.)
Mom: Now I'm totally going to make you move your own damn car.
Me: The neighbors will never recover, Mom.


Today is the final day of [ profile] annakovsky's brilliant serial Life under the Observer Effect. (I'm eagerly, desperately anticipating part 5.) It's The Office fic, Ryan/Pam, Jim/Pam, and oh hell, it's just so wonderful, a lovely little story to fill the ever-increasing void that is the never-ending writer's strike. Great world building, characterizations, banter, very much taking its cues from screwball comedies of old. THANK GOD for AK's recent obsession with Cary Grant is my final word on the subject.
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So, yeah. Work? Heh. Not getting done. Reading fics? Oh, hell, yes. Overachiever is me. Which means it is fic reccing time.

And some stories you don't tell by [ profile] kyrafic
[HIMYM, TedLily, PG, 1100 words]
Don't let the pairing deter you. It captures everyone so well! She has Ted DOWN, and he's his usual self and yet in love with Lily. And it WORKS. Go! Read! Comment!

How Pam Beesly Got Kissed, Got Wild, and Got a Life by [ profile] annakovsky
[The Office, Pam/OC, Jim/Pam, PG, 7400 words]
I think the title sums it up perfectly. And yet, not, too. It's fun and makes me get a little teary, and I finished it with a grin on my face because apparently all I need these days is a happy fucking ending for those two crazy, stupid kids. Anyway. You know the drill. Go! Read! Comment!

And because it is technically time for my period (I’m on continuous birth control and it is AWESOME), I cannot stop eating. I now have a bottomless pit where my stomach used to be. I’m Brenda. Only minus all the raw meat.
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Coming by with a fic rec. Once again, ms. [ profile] annakovsky has knocked it out of the park. This is a strange mix - a mash-up of M*A*S*H with The Office in an AU - but it works. It really works. So, go. Read. Leave feedback.

Korea's always either too hot or too cold, though maybe that's just the tents and the boredom and nothing to think about but the weather and the war.

Also, [ profile] halfway2home created a new community for Lorelai/Christopher from Gilmore girls.

[ profile] bossy_i_like_it
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Just dropping off a rec. [ profile] annakovsky and [ profile] kyrafic teamed up to write a little Jim and Pam, and it is wonderful. Songs should be written about this little gem of a tale.

Pack Up Your Bags, It's Never Too Late! or, And That's How the Kids Got Married!

Jim's almost gotten used to narrating his life into a camera lens for the consumption of strangers. Like having a blog, but more embarrassing.

Go. Read.


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