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When I played this song for a friend (she's twenty), all she got out of it was, "That girl has an attitude problem."

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I make no bones about my being a complete and total mush. I AM A TOTAL GIRL IN THAT RESPECT. But if people don't at least tear up at this vid, at the utter joy so apparent in a ceremony and place where we should totally feel overcome with utter joy, well – YOU ARE A ROBOT.
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[ profile] honey_wheeler posted the link to a free download of The Avett Brothers' new single I & Love & You. I've been listening to it on repeat ever since.

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On the blog for NPR's All Songs Considered, Robin Hilton recently paid notice to what has been pretty clear since day one: Life had one of the best soundtracks ever ever ever. The music ran the gammit, literally underscoring the scenes onscreen, exactly as a soundtrack is meant to do. Apparently, a DJ at the NPR station in L.A. is behind all the brilliance, which, hi, MAJOR NPR NERD HERE. SO YEAH. SQUEE.

Anyway, they also linked to an amazing website, where you can find COMPLETE listings for songs played on your favorite TV shows. Of course, I may be totally behind the times, and you all know this, but I thought I'd share.

I already miss you so hard, show. *SNIFF*
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I really really really want to get tickets for this.


And it'll be in October so there is a real potential it won't be so hot in Austin that I'm left melted. Possibly. Maybe. Yeah, probably not. BUT STILL.


Oh, John.

Jul. 11th, 2008 09:44 am
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So if y'all aren't currently watching Law & Order this season, Y'ALL TOTALLY SHOULD BECAUSE IT IS TOTALLY AWESOME. It stars my TV boyfriend (or really, celeb boyfriend in general these days – and per, we are soulmates; clearly we are DESTINED) Jeremy Sisto, who is adorable and has a Winston that is much like my Elmo.

Seriously, though, it IS. Rene Balcer is back as showrunner and Jack is interim DA. Mom and I have turned into giggling fangirls over it, and we're so in love we don't even fucking care. Plus, I have my beautiful, adorable, scratchy-voiced Jeremy and Mom has her Linus. DUDE, DICK WOLF TOTALLY LOVES US.

And in summation, have some lovely Adele:

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I love the song to a ridiculous degree - you can't help but move to that beat - but Matthew's voice! SO. AMAZING.

And here they are just as fantasticly awesome live on Letterman:

Okay, I'm gonna listen to this another five thousand times in the next half hour so I can make it through our mandatory "training" session with Mizz C. KILL ME.
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This amuses me for a couple of reasons. Namely, I think Justin Timberlake is pretty amusing in a delightfully self-deprecating, if self-serving, way, and he gets a much-deserved mailbox post to the nuts like four times. I'm still a little bitter about the video for "What Goes Around Comes Around" and I'll take what I can get, even fictionally.

Random musing: I swear Matthew Santos and Ryan Gosling are brothers of another mother.
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My God, I love this song. I can't stop listening to it, and I've watched the vid at least half a dozen times this morning. There may have been some chair dancing involved.

Now I shall endeavor to do that thing called work. BLERGH.
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Went with Gabs and Mick to Coozan's, a Cajun place over off Kirby, for lunch. Holy HELL. They play zydeco exclusively, which I'm not much a fan of but I hear it's a hoot to go zydeco-ing (dancing), but then they played a zydeco version of "Walking on Sunshine."

And I only have one word for it: FAIL. So much fucking fail it HURT MY BRAIN.
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Arcade Fire to appear on SNL February 24th

ARGH. This is the same episode Rainn Wilson will be hosting. Guh. I have been so good. I skipped JT's hosting return, and especially Jake's (I doubted that my love could withstand him being TEH SUCK. Hey, sketch comedy is not for everyone.)

But, dude. I would love to see Arcade Fire perform live and I'm curious to see Rainn as someone other than the Shrute. He seems such an oddball from the few interviews I've seen of him and on the commentaries. I want him to go totally balls out.


In other Vegas-y news, the boss approved my half-day tomorrow AND I found two cute blouses for $12.99 each at Old Navy when I went out to lunch with Del. Whee! Then when Del talked to the bro while we were out, his girlfriend had called earlier (she flew in today) to tell him she'd already run into Sean Paul and another artist within two hours of her arrival. Yes, we're shamelessly going to follow any and all, big or small, celebrities we bump into. Why do you ask?
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[ profile] calikali posted the new FrankenMix theme. It is ridiculous how much I love doing this, especially since I inevitably panic halfway through and rant (in my head) at how lacking my music selection is.

The Tracklist )
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I went up to Comanche to pick up the grandmother yesterday, and we drove back this morning. I always enjoy those first few hours with my grandmother because it’s easier to shrug off her less than appealing qualities. She's staying through the New Year, and I'm still on the fence as to whether this is a good thing. To put it bluntly, she makes me fucking BATTY. I usually find myself alternating between wanting to plug my ears with my fingers whilst screaming "Lalalalalala!" at the top of my lungs, or telling her, at last, STFU already. Yes, I realize this sounds harsh, but she is one of those people that wear their ignorance like a badge of honor.

But there is one thing to be said for road trips and that is it gives you time to think. So I’ve put together a list, a How To for surviving here should you ever find yourself wandering the back road highways of Texas.

Road-Tripping Texas Style )

Now for a bit of bitching that I MUST post for the betterment of all.

Letter to Temple, Texas )

Ahem. Whoo. SO MUCH BETTER NOW. Thanks.

Among other things, I finally got to watch The Office and The O.C. today and OMG, LOVE. Ridiculously so. I won’t go into specifics as I really need to go wash off my honey mask and toss my washer load into the dryer and do other little things before I can go to bed, but TWO HOURS OF AWESOME MUST BE COMMENTED ON.

Oh, and [ profile] halfway2home, I adore the holiday mix. It had me grinning from about Brenham to Temple. It’s a toss-up as to which track is my favorite, but right now Snow Patrol’s When I get Home for Christmas and the Jason Mraz and Tristan Prettyman duet All I Want for Christmas are tied for the lead. Seriously. There is not one skipper, and I never would have thought I’d like a cover of Last Christmas, which rates up there among my favorite Christmas songs as well as in the top five of my favorite George Michael songs.

Now, I really need to go wash off my honey mask, put the gunk in my hair that makes it somewhat tamable in lovely Houston, Texas, and go to bed.
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Just finished watching the series premiere of Heroes. Loved it – even the creepy MirrorAli. If it’s possible, I like every one of the characters, but by far, my favorite is Hiro. His adorable voice and amazing exuberance just totally hooked me. The synopsis of the upcoming season looked extremely promising as well, as God knows, I love a good apocalyptic twist. LOVED. Favorite series premiere thus far.

Of course, when the "To be continued" came up on screen, Mom, who came in about halfway, said, "That is wrong on so many levels." Think she may be tuning in again too, which would be cool.

Another highlight of the evening is the margaritas, or rather, the Myaritas. These were taught to Mom and me by her co-worker, Mya, and we have, I think with very little humility, improved on the recipe. I am now on my second glass, and I’m talking twenty-something ounces here. As I’m sure everyone has heard by now, we do it big down here in Texas and that includes our alkyhall, too.

(Heh. Side note: it only takes one Myarita to get those Texan accents out and loud.)

I also just killed a mama spider. She'd just given birth or hatched or whatever her million babies, and they were crawling around in the doorway to the kitchen. As I walked by, the mama spider jumped at me, which I found incredibly rude since, you know, she decided to birth those babies in MY KITCHEN. And so I told her that she'd had her little Charlotte's Web moment and now it was time to take that final toilet flush into the sky. I dashed to the downstairs bathroom (thank you, God, I had the presence of mind to grab a package of toiler paper before coming back downstairs), grabbed a bunch of tissue and smacked her, then ran screaming toward the bathroom with her crammed into the wad of tissue paper.

All Mom provided, besides mocking me for my inability to just step on the damn thing, was laughter as she reclined on the sofa. I don't know what it is about stepping on them (I have my thick-ass soled shoes on, too), but I can't do it. CAN'T. I think it goes back to the time I stepped on a cockroach in my Justin's (those're boots, by the way) and I felt every little crunch of it's exoskeleton. *shudder*

Happy place, must find happy place.

Anyway, I managed to stomp out all the babies with a half-drunk, more than a little buzzed, dance. Between that and the melted limeade, I have finally accepted that it is, in fact, impossible for me to keep that fucking kitchen floor clean for longer than 24 hours. IMPOSSIBLE.


And finally, as I sign off to stumble my way towards the shower, everyone should buy John Mayer's new CD Continuum. Even if you didn't like his previous stuff, this disc just blows all of that away. It's bluesy and compulsively listenable. (I know of what I speak, as I listened to it on repeat all day Sunday.) His lyrics, the music, his guitar work (his talent there has never been in question), everything seems to have matured beyond even what I expected following Heavier Things.
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I'm about halfway through all the TV I recorded this week. I just finished watching Ok Go's performance on the VMAs. I love the video, but to see them do that LIVE?! It was bloody fantastic.

I adored their debut, which I recommend to anyone who loves really smart pop. Now I'm definitely going to have to check out their second disc Oh No.

Other gems in TV LAND this week:

On Eureka, Henry, resident go-to guy to figure out what the hell happened, has been running some tests with a dummy head. After Henry goes through the this's and that's of what exactly happened to the victim, Jack asks, re: the dummy head, "Why does it look like me?"

Henry responds, "It's generic."

That probably doesn't read very funny, as it has a lot to do with Jack's reaction, but also in context. Some reviewer (I cannot place which one) made this comment about the recent downpour of generically good looking blondes when Eureka first came out, referring to Joel Gretsch (of The 4400) and Mark Valley (of Keen Eddie and Once and Again) specifically. I have to give the Eureka writers some major props for that.

Then on Bones, when the new boss lays a smackdown on Bones, Hodge and Zach for performing an experiment without her permission, she alludes to a more New York-type smackdown in the future. When she asks them if they know what that means, Zach, looking more than a little freaked, replies, "I'm from Michigan." Again, all in the delivery, but I had to stop the DVR so I wouldn’t miss the next bit of dialogue.
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My CD wishlist:

Bob Dylan - Modern Times

Roseanne Cash - Black Cadillac

My Morning Jacket - Z

Madonna - Confessions on a Dance Floor

Stars - Set Yourself on Fire

Sufjan Stevens - Illinois

Loretta Lynn - Van Lear Rose
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Ever since the family came in last Thanksgiving, we (Mom and I) have been talking about going up to Idaho Falls to visit them. Mom finally got her schedule from school and there's a good two weeks+ in August between the summer and fall semesters. The plan is to fly into Idaho Falls, spend a few days there, then all of us (Mom, me, cousins, uncle, aunt) will travel west and meander our way up and down the Oregon coast for a week. There's talk of renting a house, too, and then we'll return to their place for a few days before flying back.

I've always wanted to see the Northwest so I'm just a little bit excited. Plus, getting to see my family twice in less than a year is tremendous.

Really, I'm at a 10 right now.

In other, slightly less exciting news, I bought two new CDs last night when I went with Mom to Starbucks.

Artist's Choice: Norah Jones

Artist's Choice: Joni Mitchell

Sigh. I'm in love, especially with Joni's. That much jazz compiled on one disk = a very happy rubykate.


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