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As Fast As She Can by [ profile] torigates
["I know that you’re tired of waiting, and you may have to wait a little more, but she’s on her way, Ted. And she’s getting here as fast as she can." Character: The Mother; spoilers: The Leap; rating: PG-13; word count: 1,214.]

Okay, if you've been living under a rock and have not seen the season finale for HIMYM, then don't read this just yet. After you HAVE, come back and read this little piece of magnificence.

If you have, OH EM GEE, you guys! Like, I need a new word for my reaction to this baby: crflailap (cry-flail-clap for those not me). It's just so awesome and honest and true, and I maybe over-identify with The Mother to a ridiculous degree, what with my feeling I am awesome, that I do not require a boy to complete my awesomeness (although one who could accentuate my awesomeness would not be a bad thing - JUST SAYING), and doing the whole going back to school thing. SO YEAH.
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I can't even do my usual pretty fic rec thingie I like to do because I just want to link it and let y'all bask in its AMAZING AWESOMENESS.

Five Things Robin Scherbatsky Doesn't Do

I want to hug it. And [ profile] fearlessfan too. Because, seriously. SO AWESOME.
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Dear friends, there is fic, a crossover of The Office/How I Met Your Mother, and seriously, the subject above does not lie. It goes beyond awesome. Beyond AWESOME. It's just. WOW.

i'll get money, i'll get funny again by [ profile] irishmizzy
[Fandoms: The Office/How I Met Your Mother; gen/ensemble; rating: PG-13; summary: It starts the same way it always starts: two guys walk into a bar; word count: 5200 words.]

Go. Read. Bask in that which is so awesome as to surpass awesome. BARNEY would be stumped to find a new word to describe this amazingness.
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So, yeah. Work? Heh. Not getting done. Reading fics? Oh, hell, yes. Overachiever is me. Which means it is fic reccing time.

And some stories you don't tell by [ profile] kyrafic
[HIMYM, TedLily, PG, 1100 words]
Don't let the pairing deter you. It captures everyone so well! She has Ted DOWN, and he's his usual self and yet in love with Lily. And it WORKS. Go! Read! Comment!

How Pam Beesly Got Kissed, Got Wild, and Got a Life by [ profile] annakovsky
[The Office, Pam/OC, Jim/Pam, PG, 7400 words]
I think the title sums it up perfectly. And yet, not, too. It's fun and makes me get a little teary, and I finished it with a grin on my face because apparently all I need these days is a happy fucking ending for those two crazy, stupid kids. Anyway. You know the drill. Go! Read! Comment!

And because it is technically time for my period (I’m on continuous birth control and it is AWESOME), I cannot stop eating. I now have a bottomless pit where my stomach used to be. I’m Brenda. Only minus all the raw meat.
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Call Out the Instigator [Barney/Robin, PG-13]
He manages to score an empty rooftop with a view of the East River, in the same way he does everything, with much secrecy and little logic.

Oh, [ profile] cashewdani, I heart you.


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