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Dear friends, there is fic, a crossover of The Office/How I Met Your Mother, and seriously, the subject above does not lie. It goes beyond awesome. Beyond AWESOME. It's just. WOW.

i'll get money, i'll get funny again by [ profile] irishmizzy
[Fandoms: The Office/How I Met Your Mother; gen/ensemble; rating: PG-13; summary: It starts the same way it always starts: two guys walk into a bar; word count: 5200 words.]

Go. Read. Bask in that which is so awesome as to surpass awesome. BARNEY would be stumped to find a new word to describe this amazingness.
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So, yeah, mpreg? Not really my cup of tea. Like ever. But then The Office fandom has to go and throw all my expectations out the window and give me this little slice of AWESOME.

Nine Months by [ profile] kaci_jabeth
[The Office; Dwight/Jim; rating: PG-13; summary: "We Schrutes have always been one step ahead of evolution," Dwight proudly informs the cameras. "I plan to name it Janet."; word count: 5,261.]
Ridiculously wonderful, and for such an out-there concept, perfectly in character. Jim is Jim and Dwight is Dwight, but there is some yielding along the way. They squabble and there is the normal back and forth, and oh my god, I LOVE IT SO MUCH.

ETA: Linkage provided by the wonderful [ profile] annakovsky.
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So. It's raining. This is not news. Out of the past two and half weeks or so, we've had about two days of sun. When the boys walk through the back yard, there is this disgusting sucking noise with each step (think Steve Martin in that scene from Roxanne when he's describing the aliens to the old biddies). Of course, come this summer when the inevitable drought sets in and I'm doing the watering equivalent of musical chairs I'll be ruing this day I complained (oh there will be so much ruage, people).


Reason one through one million times eleventy why having only a one car garage suckeths muchly.

Mom: [re-enters house] Honey, you need to move your car.
Me: [standing outside bathroom, naked as the day I was born] !!!
Mom: [rightfully interpreting my silence] Nevermind, I'll move your car.
Me: [not really meaning it] Are you sure? Because, like I can't. I'm like totally naked. (Apparently being caught unawares turns me into straight up Valley girl. Who knew.)
Mom: Now I'm totally going to make you move your own damn car.
Me: The neighbors will never recover, Mom.


Today is the final day of [ profile] annakovsky's brilliant serial Life under the Observer Effect. (I'm eagerly, desperately anticipating part 5.) It's The Office fic, Ryan/Pam, Jim/Pam, and oh hell, it's just so wonderful, a lovely little story to fill the ever-increasing void that is the never-ending writer's strike. Great world building, characterizations, banter, very much taking its cues from screwball comedies of old. THANK GOD for AK's recent obsession with Cary Grant is my final word on the subject.
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I'm REALLY REALLY looking forward to The Return of Jezebel James. Parker Posey, Dana Ivey, AND Scott Cohen? YES, PLEASE. I'm also intrigued by New Amsterdam, The Sarah Connor Chronicles (Summer Glau! Owain Yeoman!), and Pushing Daisies (I hope Anna Friel [WHEE! ON MY TV, PEOPLE!] is the childhood sweetheart).

In sad news, Jenna Fischer fell down some stairs and fractured her lower back in four places. (Thanks to [ profile] halfway2home for the link.) I hope she has a speedy, as-painless-as-possible recovery.

And so I don't end this post on such terrible news, a couple of fic recs:

you who are my home by [ profile] honey_wheeler
[The Office; pairing: Karen/Ryan, rating: PG-13, words: 5,440; summary: Karen and Ryan and video games and happy ever after; notes: Set after "Beach Games." No finale spoilers (and please don’t mention any in the comments if you’re spoiled).]
Karen and Ryan become KarenandRyan, and it's fun and lovely and full of fantastic banter, and I loved the ending, the open-endedness of it. It's full of hope. There's also a nice, tiny subplot of JimPam.

Ordinary People by [ profile] kyrafic
[The Office, Pam, G, spoilers for "Beach Games." Summary: Listen: Ordinary people do extraordinary things all the time.]
Pam just after the events of "Beach Games." It's short and simple and perfect and Pam's awake. She's finally awake. *hearts*
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[ profile] kimarama found Pam's AMAZING speech from last week's "Beach Games." Guh. I'm still in awe, hence my new journal title. Pam Beesly owns all, yo.


USA Today has the excerpt for Fourth Comings up. I can't wait to see Jess again after all the ups and downs she went through in Charmed Thirds. Hopefully, we'll get to see more of Hope too, because I was so happy to get a better grasp of her at the end of CT.


Reason number 23455590 why I am equal parts in love with and skeeved out by Jensen Ackles. Basically: he is such a fucking boy.

I do find it interesting that he confirmed some of the DA on-set gossip by admitting he and Alba did not get along because she was a self-admitted *GASP!* bitch. 'Twas nice of her to call him up and apologize for being unprofessional. I’ll give her that.

Also, in that link, the OP features Alona Tal, who was there at the Asylum con as well, and I really really cringe when she mentions how much the negative reaction from fans hurt her. Not just because it was overblown and irrational and made me despise that part of fandom, oh those that think mainly with what’s between their legs, but because it led to the marginalization of an entire storyline that seemed to be a big part of the plan for season two because Kripke is a spineless, pandering ass. Plus that hideous, pathetic send-off for Jo.

And then she basically confirms for the world that Kripke and co. are, in fact, morons (bigger than even I thought). Heart you, AT.


The obligatory fic recs:

Money can't buy you back the love that you had then by [ profile] sophia_helix
[The Office; characters: Jim, Pam; rating: General; spoilers: through "Beach Games," nothing beyond that; word count: 1,800 words.]
Just as I squeed and jumped (figuratively) in joy over the events of "Beach Games", this fic brought me crashing back to earth with its unflinching eye for the realities of the situation. As much as I have loved the highs – the many, many highs – of season two, culminating in "Casino Night", this has always been a possibility, especially with a Jim who just refuses to learn.

Black and White and Sharp All Over by [ profile] fox1013
[Brothers & Sisters; Rebecca; rating: PG; summary: except that it's not everything, because everything is a lie; word count: 1,417.]
Oh, man. I adore this fic as it gives such a tremendous view into Rebecca. She is such a fucked up girl, one who could do the things she has done and still have this desperate yearning to be accepted by the Walkers. It fits especially well in her scene with Nora last night.
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Oh my fucking DAMN. It is fucking COLD in this office. I think it's Building Services overreaction to the fact that it's muggy as fuck outside. It's like what happens when summer hits, and all the movie theaters turn into igloos.

*shivers* And I'm drinking hot tea, too!

So, in the interest of delaying jumping all over my study manager's ass for being her usual lackluster self and keeping my fingers from freezing into little claws, I have recs.

Playing Doctors (or: five medical show crossovers that never happened) by [ profile] uarazy2
[PG-13, gen. Tiny reference to something that happens in House 3x19, general Scrubs Season 6. Grey's Anatomy/ER, Grey's/Scrubs, Scrubs/House, House/Grey's, and Scrubs/House.]
She nails every character. Dr. Cox's obligatory rant? Pitch perfect. There's humor and heartbreak, and I want to hug JD so hard by the end. It made me laugh and broke my heart.

You Don’t Have to Be a Super Hero to Work Here, But It Helps by [ profile] mandysbitch
[Heroes/The Office, Crossover, PG. This is written for the [ profile] whackapetrelli's Inappropriate Petrellis Challenge because every show needs a Petrelli.]
Karen as the long lost Petrelli sister Nathan and Peter never knew? It's even better than it sounds – dry Karen up against emo Peter? Yeah. PERFECTION. There's funny and even funnier and an unexpected hero and a sort of expected villain. Loved it.

In news of the GI variety, have any of you tried Cheerio's new Fruity Cheerios? DUDES. Food of the Gods, yo. Little tiny bursts of crunchy, fruity goodness. For reals.
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So, yeah. Work? Heh. Not getting done. Reading fics? Oh, hell, yes. Overachiever is me. Which means it is fic reccing time.

And some stories you don't tell by [ profile] kyrafic
[HIMYM, TedLily, PG, 1100 words]
Don't let the pairing deter you. It captures everyone so well! She has Ted DOWN, and he's his usual self and yet in love with Lily. And it WORKS. Go! Read! Comment!

How Pam Beesly Got Kissed, Got Wild, and Got a Life by [ profile] annakovsky
[The Office, Pam/OC, Jim/Pam, PG, 7400 words]
I think the title sums it up perfectly. And yet, not, too. It's fun and makes me get a little teary, and I finished it with a grin on my face because apparently all I need these days is a happy fucking ending for those two crazy, stupid kids. Anyway. You know the drill. Go! Read! Comment!

And because it is technically time for my period (I’m on continuous birth control and it is AWESOME), I cannot stop eating. I now have a bottomless pit where my stomach used to be. I’m Brenda. Only minus all the raw meat.

Some recs.

Apr. 24th, 2007 02:17 pm
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You know what is awesome about The Office being so depressingly realistic, what with Jim and Pam seemingly stuck in this perpetual cycle of misunderstandings and hurt feelings? It has brought about some of the best Jim and Pam: Happily Ever After fluff EVER.

First, we have [ profile] sophia_helix with And Run Away. It's delightful, full of wonderful Jim and Pam banter, and it was like the most heady rush. Like, post-season two finale rush.

Then [ profile] ciachick711's When She Knew makes me all tight in the chest because it's simple and true, and it feels like Jim and Pam. Unsure and unsteady but right; proof that ultimately, they are better together than apart.

Considering what I know about the upcoming episodes, these are much-needed pre-therapy. There just isn't enough liquor in the world.
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Coming by with a fic rec. Once again, ms. [ profile] annakovsky has knocked it out of the park. This is a strange mix - a mash-up of M*A*S*H with The Office in an AU - but it works. It really works. So, go. Read. Leave feedback.

Korea's always either too hot or too cold, though maybe that's just the tents and the boredom and nothing to think about but the weather and the war.

Also, [ profile] halfway2home created a new community for Lorelai/Christopher from Gilmore girls.

[ profile] bossy_i_like_it
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Just dropping off a rec. [ profile] annakovsky and [ profile] kyrafic teamed up to write a little Jim and Pam, and it is wonderful. Songs should be written about this little gem of a tale.

Pack Up Your Bags, It's Never Too Late! or, And That's How the Kids Got Married!

Jim's almost gotten used to narrating his life into a camera lens for the consumption of strangers. Like having a blog, but more embarrassing.

Go. Read.


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