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A Graphical Overview of Same Sex Marriage Debate by [ profile] pfarley. It's funny and sad because there are people who really are that vocally dumb and really actually think these ridiculous things, but then you realize the asterisks denote actual QUOTES. That's when – well, then it's just time to wish natural selection could be turned on at will; or, that whole smiting thing happened when people were just too stupid to continue to waste our oxygen like that.
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LaLa and I discussing tomorrow night on the phone:

ME: I don't expect to, like, get to shake his hand or anything, but I really can't wait to see him in person. Even if it's from across a room.
LALA: Me too. I just want my far away picture.
ME: Yes!
LALA: That's totally him if you SQUINT!
ME: If you look really closely, that's the outline of his ears! That glint? That's totally his smile!

Then it picked up from there into much loftier conversation, wherein we discussed LaLa's niece and how kids today don't fully grasp – no matter who you're leaning towards – the importance of this election. Not just what’s riding on it, but the fact that the two candidates vying for the Democratic nomination are a black man and a woman is just phenomenal. Less than a century after women were given the vote; less than sixty years after the Civil Rights Movement – yes, that sounds horrible, but we’re still so far from where we should be, even after all of that, I just couldn’t imagine two such candidates finding footing so soon in my lifetime.

Anyway, deep thoughts are going away. Must work now.
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As per usual, I was listening to NPR on my way into work this morning. Naturally, there was much discussion about Mitt Romney's speech yesterday addressing his faith (or not? I'm still undecided). Most of the people polled during the segment thought it was a misstep but ultimately raised their opinion of him, and these were folks in NH who had attended his less-than-stellar rotary club meeting this past Tuesday. Again, most felt that this was a non-issue, especially in light of JFK’s speech (in Houston, no less) back in the 60s regarding his Catholicism.

I disagree. Man, I disagree SO HARD. I think it is an issue, an important one, especially when Romney says his faith will guide his decisions if he were elected president.

The reason? Bush, plain and simple. The current idiot in charge has allowed his personal beliefs, his theological system, to affect matters of STATE on more than one occasion (his stance on Roe v. Wade [and the perceived (rightly so) threat of his power over the Supreme Court], gay marriage/rights, the government funding of church-funded programs and schools, and stem cell research, as well as the abstinence only program for “sexual education” [what a fucking joke] just to name a few). Yes, one should follow one's own moral compass which is largely informed by one's belief system, but not when it goes against the majority of the nation, the majority of the House and Senate. They are our voice. WE THE PUBLIC elect them to speak for us, and when you say that you will veto something voted on and approved by Congress simply because it doesn’t match with your own belief system? That’s when you’ve stepped over the line, buddy, but then I truly believe you can’t even see the line anymore, it’s so fucking far behind you.

Granted, I am someone who does not believe in organized religion; however I think everyone has a right to practice their faith any which way they want to. Just keep it out of my face (having grown up in the south, I’ve experienced my fair share of “testifying” so I may be a wee titch bitter) and for fuck’s sake, keep it out of my government.


In news of a much sweeter sort, more proof that Nathan Fillion is not only awesome but more than worthy of my undying love and adoration.
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You know, I was enjoying some leftover turkey pumpkin chilli, sprinkled liberally with shredded cheese. (Mmmm. Cheese.) It was gooey and tasty and with just the perfect amount of heat to it. (Thank you, Penzy Spice.)

Then I see this on my flist:

Gay-marriage ban bars prosecution of unmarried couples on felony charge, argument says. Not only did the fucktards in this group Citizens for Community Values push for the gay marriage ban in the first place, but they also filed a brief in support of Carswell, the asshole claiming that he can't be charged with felony domestic abuse because the woman he beat the shit out of IS NOT HIS WIFE. This is as a result of the gay marriage ban which "prohibits state or local government from recognizing a legal status for relationships that approximate marriage."

Pardon? So not only have these assholes successfully banned gay marriage, but now they're going after those women who choose to live with a man without the blessing of a holy union? The world is going to hell in a handbasket and the conservatives* are leading the bloody charge.

*I don't think conservatives on the whole are gay-hating, pro-life-supporting, royal fucktards. Unfortunately, the ones who get the most press are the ones that are exactly that.


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