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My sinuses have teamed up with the weather. THEY ARE TOTALLY TRYING TO KILL ME. I wish I could do like they do in that commercial, take off this thing that I like to call head-formerly-known-as-mine, so that when this shit finally goes all sorts of explodey, at least part of me will survive. Yeah, I don't know. I blame the headache.

THIS, however, is TOTAL FUCKING WIN. Seriously, King, you are a most awesome of awesome things.

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Sep. 26th, 2008 04:43 pm
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1. I am alive. We survived the storm relatively unscathed. Besides a few shingles pulled off the roof and our fence well and truly fucked, Ike took pity on us. Centerpoint Energy, on the other hand, did not; we didn't get our power back for a week. Now THAT was a bitch and a half.

2. My consult with the boob doc went well. It's only a matter of waiting to find out if the insurance approved me, or if I'll have to go a round with them to prove that I do need to get my Ks down to a C. *fingers crossed*

3. I am officially in love with Step-Up 2: The Streets. Don't even ask, people. It's positively AWESOME. Of course, I have a great love for Fast Forward, so. Grain of salt.

4. Privileged is, hands down, my favorite new show this season. I love it like burning. And I finally - FINALLY! - figured out where I know Brian Hallisay (a.k.a., hot neighbor boy Will) from: he played Jimmy in the Cold Case ep "Forever Blue." That episode made me cry like a wee baby. Plus, hello, HOTNESS.

5. The Grandmother is finally back home, which means I get to go to the movies this weekend for the first time in four months. I swear, I could cry. Nevermind having back my weekends. I have missed my weekly movie fix. Eagle Eye, here I come.


Sep. 11th, 2008 09:14 am
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So Ike looks to be headed this way, or hereabouts to warrant school closing until Monday (GRR. We were ALREADY behind because of Labor Day), and here at the job, they're releasing all non-essential personnel (i.e., ME) by eleven. Luckily, we don't have to worry about the storm surge since we're far enough up 45, but those pesky winds and tornadoes, not to mention the flooding, could present a problem. I'm just glad I don't have to evacuate. My GOD am I glad. Three years later, and I can still remember that shit like it was yesterday (in fact, it was one of three topics we could write about in class on Tuesday; that's how ingrained it is in our collective conscious). I cannot imagine making that drive again with The Grandmother, three cats, and two dogs. It'd be like a really odd looking, way fucking cranky Noah's Ark in a Honda Element, and I would, by the end of it, find myself in the safe, loving arms of HCPC for having choked the life out of dear old Grandma because she just had to read EVERY FUCKING ROAD SIGN.

All kidding aside, I'm just hoping it turns out like Edouard: a lot of fuss over nothing. (Yes, there was damage and lots of wind and rain, but for the most part, all I had to worry about was, again, not killing my grandmother.)

Needless to say, very little work is or will be getting done today.

Hey, y'all!

Jun. 9th, 2008 11:40 am
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Idaho was chilly, rainy, and windy, but absolutely lovely. )

In other news of the awesome, Lewis Black is coming to Houston in July. This makes me veddy, veddy happy.

And finally a book rec: Max Brooks’ World War Z. I read it while I was in Idaho Falls and immediately had to pass it on to Zeebert before I left who was to then give it to Rae for her flight to Europe. All I have to say is: NORTH KOREA. That shit freaked me the fuck out.
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So. It's raining. This is not news. Out of the past two and half weeks or so, we've had about two days of sun. When the boys walk through the back yard, there is this disgusting sucking noise with each step (think Steve Martin in that scene from Roxanne when he's describing the aliens to the old biddies). Of course, come this summer when the inevitable drought sets in and I'm doing the watering equivalent of musical chairs I'll be ruing this day I complained (oh there will be so much ruage, people).


Reason one through one million times eleventy why having only a one car garage suckeths muchly.

Mom: [re-enters house] Honey, you need to move your car.
Me: [standing outside bathroom, naked as the day I was born] !!!
Mom: [rightfully interpreting my silence] Nevermind, I'll move your car.
Me: [not really meaning it] Are you sure? Because, like I can't. I'm like totally naked. (Apparently being caught unawares turns me into straight up Valley girl. Who knew.)
Mom: Now I'm totally going to make you move your own damn car.
Me: The neighbors will never recover, Mom.


Today is the final day of [ profile] annakovsky's brilliant serial Life under the Observer Effect. (I'm eagerly, desperately anticipating part 5.) It's The Office fic, Ryan/Pam, Jim/Pam, and oh hell, it's just so wonderful, a lovely little story to fill the ever-increasing void that is the never-ending writer's strike. Great world building, characterizations, banter, very much taking its cues from screwball comedies of old. THANK GOD for AK's recent obsession with Cary Grant is my final word on the subject.
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Saw POTC3 Saturday. People are catching onto the whole $5 movie before noon. The theater (and concession stand and parking lot) was packed for just shy of 11am. I am not happy about this.

Anyway, I loved the movie. Mom, too. It was a vast improvement over the second, but the second was a lot of set-up for the awesome payoff in the third. Most on my flist have mentioned everything else I loved (and my few quibbles), but I’ve seen a lack of talk with regards to the ending (this includes the scene following the credits). spoilers, spoilers, spoilers. )

And don't hate me, but I REALLY want to see Transformers. Sadly, it only has a tiny bit to do with the fact that Shia stars.

It rained all day yesterday. Like, when Mom flipped over to the Weather Channel at one point, our area was under the orange part of the storm. ALL DAY. RAIN. We didn’t get to have our Pho Bowls at Hot Wok. Max and Boo were in a mood, constantly whining to go out back, and when we’d open the door for them, rain splattering on the linoleum, they’d give us the eyes, as if we had any control over the weather. All in all a sucky-ass, if wonderfully lazy (didn’t get out of my jammies at all) day.


May. 3rd, 2007 07:58 am
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Dear Houston (and Texas at large) Weather,

You are FIRED.

Fuck off and die,
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It is 39 degrees outside but feels like 28.

What the HELL, weatherman? It's only supposed to be in the 40s right now. That's why I thought I'd be okay in my terribly thin, zipped hoodie. You know, since it was hotter this morning than it was yesterday afternoon.

This would not be a problem, but now I have to go to the store for extra ingredients for the German Potato Soup.

Frickin' Houston weather, man!
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Ugly Betty )

Supernatural )

We finally had a decent cold front come in. It's supposed to be gorgeous through the weekend. I can't wait to open up all the windows and air out the house. Boo and Lynna won't know which window to pick and will most likely spend the next 48 hours bouncing from sill to sill.
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My car is parked across the street in the Target parking lot under what I hope is a working light post. A fine thick sheen of rain glosses the windows until everything is blurry, flashes of color against the dark night.

This would be pretty except that it took me an hour to navigated all the flooded streets to get home. A five-minute drive turned into one long frustrating nightmare that ended with me trudging my way from the aforementioned Target parking lot through mid-calf high water to even get into my neighborhood, much less all the way to my house.

Such is life in Houston, Texas, and if I haven't mentioned how much the heat and humidity and mosquitoes the size of Buicks irritate the shit out of me about this city, these type of days are what really seal my non-love for all things Houston. The city planners, oh you, the biggest fucktards of all the fucktards in the land, probably never have to figure another route because Almeda-Genoa turns into a raging river when so much as two heavy raindrops fall simultaneously. And of course, that would have to be the main road to get to the street that leads to my neighborhood, wouldn't it?


I've included pictures for your viewing pleasure )

Now, on to much more pleasant things, like How I Met Your Mother, which continues its run of pure awesomeness. Cut for spoilers )

As for The Class, Jason Ritter and Lizzy Caplan remain the biggest draw for me, but I didn't really dig their storyline this week. Meh. The only thing that makes me sad at the prospect of cancellation is that those two will be out of a job, once again, and no longer cute-ing up my TV screen every week.

(RIP, Related. RIP.)

Now, as for Heroes. Holy shit with a dollop of what the fuck! )

With that, I'm off to bed. 'Night, folks.
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Allergy season has begun in earnest. I'm in a perpetual state of sneeze and/or almost sneeze with the lovely pre-sneeze itch. Blech.

Houston in the fall and spring HATES ME. Just sees me coming down the street and bumrushes me for a swift kicking of the ass. I'm like that girl in those ridiculous commercials a few years back, with the giant weed beating her about the head and neck.

Anyway, meme stolen from [ profile] carrielh.

25 Random Lyrics Meme
Step 1: Put your MP3 player on random.
Step 2: Post the first lines of the first 25 songs that play, no matter how embarrassing the song.
Step 3: Post and let everyone you know guess what song and artist the lines come from.
Step 4: Strike out the songs when someone guesses correctly.

25 Lines )

I'm also in full-on, no holds barred, love with How I Met Your Mother. I love the relationships between everyone, and I adore the non-credits with the bum-bum-bahs and the candids. The cast is great and fun, and I love the history inherent in each episode, as if I'm catching a little snapshot of the lives of this group of friends each week. And I don't think I could even begin to pick my favorite character.

Now, I'm liking The Class okay, but it's mostly to do with Jason Ritter and Lizzy Caplan, and my great wish for them to make out randomly and often. Especially with that longer hair Jason was sporting tonight. So, PTB, see to that STAT.

With these two and Heroes every Monday night, I'm a very happy girl. Speaking of Heroes, HOLY SHIT! I just. No words. With Hiro and his teleporting and Claire with creepy Daddy. Spoilers ahead )

And now I'm off to bed.
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Watched the Everwood series finale last night. I will miss this show so much, and I don't think it really hit me until the very end. The way the camera pulled back from Ephram and Amy to show the twinkling lights of Everwood and the mountains beyond was just so fucking perfect. So symbolic that it makes me teary-eyed even now.


In other news, it's fucking hot. HOT. The humidity is something fierce, and no matter how long I live here, it always takes me by surprise that first true day of a Houston summer.

Also, holy shit, is anyone watching Rescue Me? Specifically the episode last night? Fucking hell, man!
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I heart Megan McCafferty. I emailed her yesterday to let her know how much I enjoyed Charmed Thirds, and she responded the very same day with a thank you. I hope I manage to be as gracious and responsible with my fans come that faraway day when I'm a published author. Especially if I manage to make such a successful go of it as she has.

In other news, it is HOT down here. It is currently 86ºF (that's 30ºC to you [ profile] briary_flower) but feels like 91ºF due to all the fucking humidity. I love living near the coast, but shit, if you aren't right there on the water, you get all the humidity with none of the cool ocean breezes. Of course, from June to November, there is always a chance your house and all the things inside it could end up like a large pile of matchsticks. Or just government property if you're lucky enough to find your house in one piece. Still. I've always loved the idea of living in a cozy beach house.

Which reminds me, hurricane season is coming up, which in turn brings back shudder-inducing memories of last year's Rita debacle. After all that, I'm not sure I would hit the road again, even if a Cat5 had his/her eye on us.
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It was so, so gloomy all day. The sun was there as, every so often, the sky would get this back-lit look to it, but the sun just could not penetrate the thick bank of clouds. On top of that, there was intermittent, drizzly rain most of the morning and early afternoon, which is annoying but manageable. However, add in the terrible wind gusts and one ends up with a fine predicament - especially when one is trying to navigate 45S.

Oy to the vey. I had wanted to go down to the Galleria, maybe even Hotel Derek, see if I could spy me any celebs, whether of the star or sport variety - I was not going to be picky - but alas, the shitty weather put the kibosh on that. I'll simply have to live vicariously through my coworkers come Monday morning since LaLa started at the Toyota Center this weekend and Del was going to a couple of parties where her brother scheduled to DJ.

I did finally watch The Constant Gardener on DVD though. Fuck - what a lovely, sorrowful film. My heart is still aching.


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