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It is a fact of every girl’s life: we are taught from birth that what lies between our legs is something that others will try to take by force if we aren’t careful. A friend once posted to her journal: "The idea of all the things I haven't done, the experiences I passed on, because nobody wanted to go with me and it just wasn't the smart/good/safe thing to do by myself,” and this perfectly sums up the inherent problem with our society and its treatment of rape. Everywhere a woman goes, the onus is put squarely on her, all the ways in which she should protect herself: don’t dress a certain way, don’t go out after a certain time of night, don’t go out alone, don’t leave your drink unattended, etc., etc. Never is the responsibility put on the shoulders of the perpetrators themselves. While women join clubs to learn self-defense, men are excused with “boys will be boys” attitudes. It is bad enough to deal with the shame – living in the world we do, it is hard not to internalize the constant barrage of victim blaming and victim blame ourselves – but then we are forced to defend ourselves to those who are supposed to aid us in our search for justice as well as the community at large. Why is it the victims’ responsibility to protect themselves from being attacked? Yes, there is common sense, behaviors everyone should employ in their daily lives; however, even as we call out other countries’ treatment of its women, we are living in a country where a state supreme court decided that once sex has begun, I lose the right to say no and goes so far as to include such laughably offensive language as “re-flower” in the legal opinion.

It is clear rape culture is alive and well. We need look no further than our own campus with the female student who awoke to find herself the unwanted focus of a stranger’s attention in her own home. Or even more horrifying, the recent revelations out of Cleveland, Texas, and the coverage it has received. Even in so-called reputable newspapers like the New York Times, an eleven-year-old girl’s behavior is called into question, that she sexualized herself and thus has no choice but to accept the repeated gang rapes; or, even worse, a resident’s comment that "[t]hese boys have to live with this the rest of their lives.” Yes, these “boys” will have to face their complicity in not just the repeated gang rape of a child but also its glorification in both photograph and film. How about we consider the implications facing the victim? How about the fact this child has not only been brutalized repeatedly but is now living in hiding, away from her family, for her safety? That her family is still getting harassed on a daily basis and is seriously considering a permanent move, again, only as a means of the safety of their family?

It is time that we held those who commit this unspeakable crime accountable. It is time we taught our boys and men that they are the ones who are the best prevention when it comes to rape. It is time our girls and women didn’t walk around with the threat of rape forever hanging over them. I know I’d sleep better.

This was my submission to my university's opinion page. I love that I'm now a Liberal Studies Major, because I can delve into all the ways that women are screwed throughout history so I can then use it to fight against all the bullshit we face every day.

Also, [ profile] inlovewithnight, I hope you don't mind my reusing your quote again.
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...or How the Republican Party is Seriously Doing Women Wrong

I know people want to just chuck everyone in Congress out on their asses, but Delaware Republicans seriously think Christine O'Donnell is a VIABLE senatorial candidate?

NO, SERIOUSLY?! She's a fucking moron. She doesn't even get that the audience is NOT laughing because she PWN'D Coons, but rather they're laughing at her stunning idiocy.

Also, I find it very telling that an ad was produced, aired, and then quickly yanked from the airwaves in Nevada urging Latino voters to stay home from voting rather than go Democrat after Angle once again stuck her foot so far in her mouth, the search team still hasn't recovered it. On Friday, she actually told a group of Hispanic high school students she thought they "looked more Asian" and that she was the first Asian state legislator in Nevada.

First, she mistakenly says that she has to pay (via her insurance) for other women's maternity leave (uh, no, dumbass) and suggests that since she's done having babies, let's get rid of it, amirite? She then used air quotes to talk autism. In another recent gem, she repeated the long-since debunked urban legend that the 9/11 hijackers entered the US via Canada (NEWSFLASH: THEY DID NOT. Each of them was granted a visa by the US).

I guess it's nice of them to be so fucking into their own ignorance that they do all of this with cameras rolling, but that the race is still so very close in Nevada because as a Nevadan noted on [ profile] ontd_political most folks aren't supporting Angle, but rather voting for anyone that isn't Reid. If she actually makes it to Congress, Nevada, you let me know how that whole cutting off your nose to spite your face worked out for you, 'kay?
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When I played this song for a friend (she's twenty), all she got out of it was, "That girl has an attitude problem."

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When novels like Speak and Living Dead Girl aren't so immediately devastating because there are too many baby girls who have had the agency over what happens to their bodies taken away violently, then I will submit to you.

When books like The Natashas or videos like A Teenage Girls Guide to Surviving Sex Slavery no longer apply to the daily realities of girls and women around the world, then I will submit to you.

When a court in the UNITED STATES doesn't decide that once sex has started, I lose the right to say no, when such laughably offensive language as "re-flowered" isn't actually used in the LEGAL OPINION, then I will submit to you.

When my daughters and granddaughters are not taught from birth that what lays between their legs is something that others will try to take by force if they aren't careful; when I'm not linked to [ profile] cereta's post and find myself nodding my head, or getting a knot in my stomach when [ profile] inlovewithnight says by way of linking: "The idea of all the things I haven't done, the experiences I passed on, because nobody wanted to go with me and it just wasn't the smart/good/safe thing to do by myself," * because I KNOW that feeling, then I will submit to you.

When my reproductive rights are no longer a topic of debate in the political discourse; when doctors are not gunned down for giving me the opportunity to exercise my right; when you can read personal testimonials like Gretchen Voss' or Lynda Waddington's and understand that abortion is never an easy choice but it MUST remain A CHOICE at every stage of pregnancy, then I will submit to you.

Are you seeing a theme here? So until then feel free to be offended every time I openly laugh in your face when you grumble about us "independent women" and our inability to "submit to our men as the bible says" because let's not get it twisted: I totally mean to offend the fuck outta you.

*This is actually directed at one man in particular, but I thought I'd just make it an open letter to all of the mens.
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Thank you to [ profile] frohohaggins over at [ profile] ontd_political for bringing this comedy gold to my attention.

It's official: May 12th, 2009 is AWESOME WOMEN DAY. Yes, I realize neither this vid nor the one I posted before it actually occurred TODAY, but see how much I do not care.

In other AWESOME WOMEN news, Mom started her job as an Nurse Practitioner today. She had to go outside, to Memorial Hermann, but it's SUCH a cool position. It's palliative care but the focus is CHF (congestive heart failure) rather than oncology and it's a part of their new home health arm. She'll be overseeing nurses as well as seeing patients herself, and she's so geeked out. It'd be like if I found myself an editing position at some big publishing house after grad school. MY GEEK: COULD NOT BE CONTAINED, as is the case with Mama. We actually had a squee session as we got into our cars this morning.

Anyway, back to SAP PhII. Oh, work life, catch up to actual life in the awesome department already!
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THANK YOU. I just love it when the menfolk, who, you know, DO NOT HAVE A UTERUS, think they need to have a say in what we womenfolk do with ours. Or protect us from ourselves and pesky little things like DECISIONS.

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Okay, flist, it has come to my attention (thanks to a poster over at [ profile] ontd_political) that It Happened to Alexa Foundation is hosting a fundraiser, an organization whose sole purpose is to help rape victims. Great, right?

In another one of those laughably horrible "one of these things is not like the other," guess who's coming to speak at this fundraiser? Bill O'Reilly. Yep, THAT Bill O'Reilly. The one who blamed Jennifer Moore for her rape and murder; or, you know, the guy who claimed that Shawn Hornbeck just didn't want to go home to his parents’ rules, hence why he remained with his abductor/abuser for four years.

I just can't even FATHOM who thought this was a good idea – unless the ultimate goal is to utilize this opportunity to tar and feather the motherfucker.

Here's the email: I've already sent them an email of my own, but the more voices raised in protest of this fuckwittery, the better.
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Beautiful and terrifying all at once.

List time

Sep. 26th, 2008 04:43 pm
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1. I am alive. We survived the storm relatively unscathed. Besides a few shingles pulled off the roof and our fence well and truly fucked, Ike took pity on us. Centerpoint Energy, on the other hand, did not; we didn't get our power back for a week. Now THAT was a bitch and a half.

2. My consult with the boob doc went well. It's only a matter of waiting to find out if the insurance approved me, or if I'll have to go a round with them to prove that I do need to get my Ks down to a C. *fingers crossed*

3. I am officially in love with Step-Up 2: The Streets. Don't even ask, people. It's positively AWESOME. Of course, I have a great love for Fast Forward, so. Grain of salt.

4. Privileged is, hands down, my favorite new show this season. I love it like burning. And I finally - FINALLY! - figured out where I know Brian Hallisay (a.k.a., hot neighbor boy Will) from: he played Jimmy in the Cold Case ep "Forever Blue." That episode made me cry like a wee baby. Plus, hello, HOTNESS.

5. The Grandmother is finally back home, which means I get to go to the movies this weekend for the first time in four months. I swear, I could cry. Nevermind having back my weekends. I have missed my weekly movie fix. Eagle Eye, here I come.
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Oh, Jordin Sparks. I couldn't stand you before when you came out in favor of the anti-choice stance and in such an obnoxiously pretentious way, but then you go and do this? WHAT THE FUCKING WHAT? I know you're young. I know it is the right of the young to be pathetically know-it-all when it comes to their beliefs; HOWEVER, when you go throwing the SLUT word around like that? That's when we're going to have a problem. We females have enough of a problem handling that kind of shit from the male sector. We don't need our fellow sister-in-arms helping out the other side's cause.

So, STFD and STFU.

On a side note, thank you, John Legend, for the very pointed way you held up your hands. ILU, BB.
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Gloria Steinhem explains why Palin is the wrong woman, wrong message. I just want to bump my fist against my chest, fling it in the air, and scream out hallelujah because SOMEBODY is saying it. Fuck this bullshit that at least we have a woman on the ticket no matter the party. This woman isn't MY woman. This is not the woman Clinton would be proud to see as the first female president (which I think is all too possible) after all the shit she went through during the primary.

Hell to the fuck no, Palin. If you're so determined to take us women back to the fucking 1950s, YOU FIRST.
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Someone over at Feministe posted this vid a few (several?) weeks back, but I couldn't watch it at the time. Then the awesome [ profile] likespring posted it over at [ profile] ontd_political and OHMYHELL, was I sorry that I hadn't had a chance to revel in the awesome of it yet.


For those who don't know, there is a story making the rounds in Blog-o-World that Senator John McCain, the presumptive Republican nominee to lead our great nation, called his wife a cunt in front of reporters (he was being followed during one of his senatorial campaigns). While I'm no fan of Cindy McCain, NO YOU JUST DID’T, fuckwit. There is just not enough NO in the world for that one.

It's sort of like my stance on abortion and men's role when it comes to abortion. Do you possess a penis? Then you'd best STFD and STFU.
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[ profile] benita_butrell wrote this comment in response to Kira Cochrane's excellent article Now, The Backlash, which discusses the anti-feminist rhetoric (and blatant misogyny) abounding these days, freely and proudly (in most cases).

"It's coming. You don't feel the earth under your feet? I do, and you couldn't pay me to call myself a feminist.

This election has drawn a pretty deep line in the feminism sand (usually found in numerous vaginas). You have HillBillies, who want success for all women as long as they're named Hillary Clinton and consider her failures to represent the failures of all women, and you have the sane feminists who realize there's no law against Hillary running again in four years, who appreciate Barack's voting record even though they may not like him, and who are just as geeked at the thought of a woman vice-president as they are of a woman president. Those feminists are asking some hard questions: why, if this election was about breaking the glass ceiling, is Obama being warned against bringing Sebelius on the ticket? Why aren't feminists rallying behind Cynthia McKinney? Why haven't they embraced Obama on his pristine record involving women's rights, and what kind of feminists (or Democrats, for that matter) would vote for a man like John McCain? And why aren't you getting any answers to any of these questions?

It's never easy to watch the group you identify with and have worked so hard for become a gigantic, self-destructing ball of fuckery, burning out every ounce of respect and pride your group could once say it had. (I'm ex-Army JAG Corps. The knife in my heart STAYS twisted.) But as much as you love your heroes of feminism past and can barely believe whatthebluefuck is happening or why it's happening, there comes a time when you have to move on or risk inertia. HillBillies are too busy enjoying their newfound victim status. They'll lick their wounds and whine about how we're all second-class citizens because some rich white senator ran a shitty campaign and didn't get what she wanted, ignoring the fact that she didn't deserve it, didn't work hard enough for it and took the entire freaking election for granted. Those "feminists" are too tired or too lazy or too stupid to keep going, preferring to end the race under the tree of BAWWWWWWWWW!!!! But the rest of you will move on, muttering, "FUCK that, we've got work to do," and thanking the Great Goddess of Feminism that they're smart enough to 1) learn from the mistakes of others and 2) cut dead weight while bringing new blood along. Feminism isn't trendy (3rd wave), nor is it a burden (2nd wave). Like water, it's ever shifting, changing and powerful and - as evidenced by the Great Wall of Silence between white women and women of color - destructive. I think we'll be looking at a fourth wave in the next decade or so, and I think it'll be the strongest, move diverse wave this country's ever seen. But until more feminists call out their sisters on their shitty, petulant, childlike behavior, this wave is going to stick around for a long time."

This comes on the heels of yesterday's post concerning Pfc. LaVena Johnson and the atrocious handling of her murder at the hands of - most likely - her fellow soldier(s) while serving over in Iraq. She is, sickeningly, only one of 10 similar cases, wherein female soldiers, all sharing the common thread of rape immediately preceding their demise, are determined by the military to be suicides.

[ profile] art_house_queen and [ profile] ladypolitik are discussing ways to get her story out there on a national scale and force those in charge to give her family the answers they deserve. At the very least visit the blog linked above (via her name) for contact info for all of the senators and representatives on the Senate and House Armed Forces Committees and call and/or write any of those in your state/district.
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Pro-life pharmacies refuse to sell contraceptives. And I'm talking ALL contraceptives - BC, condoms - because it's "murder."

This is why I can't get behind the anti-choice movement. It is shit like this that makes me want to punch someone in the neck. Why don't these fuckers go out and help the kids already born and suffering? Adopt them and give them good homes and leave me and my uterus the fuck alone? Goddammit, it's not just anti-choice anymore - it's anti-woman.
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Excellent piece from The Nation (link provided by [ profile] hana_ginakawa) Race to the Bottom, in which Betsy Reed discusses the longer reaching implications of HRC's tactics in this primary race, i.e., playing the race card. Personally, I think she's royally screwed any female from running for the next several years, if not decades, and it really grates my cheese how she's successfully divided the feminist movement. Yes, it IS horrible the misogyny she has faced in this election, but her win-at-all-costs, fuck-the-party ideals are just beyond the pale.

And [ profile] war4l posted Tim Wise's EXCELLENT Of National Lies and Racial Amnesia: Jeremiah Wright, Barack Obama, and the Audacity of Truth on [ profile] ontd_political. I can't even fully articulate how amazing this is, only tell any and everyone to read it.
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NPH, how you so awesome?

In other awesome news, I'm wearing this bra and holy hell, the CLEAVAGE. It's like, "HI, BOOBS." Love it.
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Alice Walker endorses Obama. It's a long but wonderful read. My God, I am speechless.

Link from [ profile] ap_racism
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Oh, for the love of Christ, Ferraro, shuddyup already. It's almost pathological at this point.
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