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My Lit & Film professor is an actor, as is his wife, and apparently back in the day, his wife went through a few auditions with Adam Lambert when he came here to TUTS (that's Theater Under the Stars for non-Houstonians; this is also where Chandra Wilson, a.k.a. HBIC FOREVER, got her start as well). ALSO ALSO ALSO, my prof met JIM PARSONS, who also went to my soon-to-be school, University of Houston, several times as they did the audition circuit down here. I'm like three from THE Glambert AND SHELDON on the Kevin Bacon thingamajig. Yes, it's tenuous at best but lemme have this, 'kay? DON'T BE A BUNCH OF FUN-SUCKERS, Y'ALL. Of course, it still doesn't beat being three from Ben McKenzie. Yeah, that's the fun factoid of the last SEVERAL MILLENNIA.
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Michelle: Now let's talk about something the internet needs to know more about: Your Bromance with Kris. Which has taken on a life of its own: There's fan fiction involving you two...

Adam: Oh really?

Michelle: Did you not know about that?

Adam: (laughing) No I didn't.

Michelle: Oh my god. Adam.

Adam: I kind of want to read it.

Michelle: It's kind I'm really serious, Adam, it's so good.

Adam: We should show it to his wife. That's who we should have read it.

Okay, people, it's time to lock that fic DOOOOWN.

The rest of the article is here, including so many ADORABLE pics, it's like the internet exploded with joy and rainbows and kittens. (THANKS TO [ profile] likespring FOR THE LINK.)
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[ profile] pun has come up with something fandom has been decidedly lacking: a code.

As she explains it: [It's] about those times when you meet someone and she says something, maybe it's a just a word like "snark" or "woobie" or maybe it's a comment on how lickable she finds David Tennant, and you think, "hmmm, one of us?" But maybe you're at the office, or, say, your dojang, and you really don't want to just blunder forward with the fic'ing and the man love and all the wonderful insanity of this place we call fandom. What to do then? What to do?

So. Are you a friend of Kirk?
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I love you, boys.
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I went to my PCP a few weeks back because of my migraines. She prescribed Topamax. Its primary use is as an anticonvulsant, but it has shown great, long-term benefit in the treatment of migraines. For instance, if you take it for a year, you can actually see up to two to three years benefit. One potential side effect is peripheral neuropathy (tingling in the hands and feet), but that is mainly in the beginning of the treatment and transient.

Another side effect (or MAJOR BONUS and a big reason why I recently switched over to Yaz for my birth control): it suppresses the appetite. I don't really have an issue with this except when I'm PMSing and during my period, so basically two weeks out of the month I'm a bottomless pit, all FEED ME and Brenda-like.

However, I discovered something this week, another side effect of the drug. As most Americans of my generation, I have a thing for soda. My soda of choice? Big Red. (That link's for you, [ profile] briary_flower.) Anyway, I'd been noticing that the last few Big Reds I'd bought were flat, and then the Coke I bought with my beef fajita soft taco combo at Taco Cabana on Friday. Finally, on Monday, Katt managed to grab a couple of free, ice cold Cokes leftover from a meeting in the back workroom, and when I took a big gulp, I cringed as I swallowed down a mouthful of flat, highly sweet soda. I went to Gabs and asked her if her Coke was flat, too, and she said it was almost too carbonated to drink. "It's actually burning my throat."

So, in summation, I do not have the tinglies or migraines anymore, my appetite is practically non-existent, and soda is flat. I'd say that's a win-win-win.

In other, completely fanfuckingtastic news, Giuliani Completes His Collapse. If that isn't something to celebrate - hell, I was doing a jig in the car as they were discussing the results of the Florida primary this morning - I do not know what is. YAYS, PEOPLE. YAYS, YAYS, YAYS.
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Okay, Star Jones, I usually want to revoke your conversation card, but this? WONDERFUL. For the moment, you win at all things and I want to give you many sparkly things. I won't even make a comment about your need to flash your deflated cleavage regularly for like a month. SWEARSIES.

But you, John Gibson? You, sir, need to go back under the rock from which you crawled, you pathetic piece of shit. I don't know why I'm still surprised by the fucktards at Fox, considering the gems spewed by O'Reilly and Hume, but fucking hell, you actually thought your "commentary" would be considered amusing?

Better yet, would you just DIAF instead? The rock deserves better.
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[ profile] musesfool posted this after [ profile] voleuse posted it in [ profile] breathe_poetry, and I think [ profile] musesfool summed it up best with, "it totally rocks my world."

by Sandra Cisneros

If you are a poet, you will see clearly that there is a cloud
floating in this sheet of paper.
— Thich Nhat Hanh

Before you become a cloud, you were an ocean, roiled and
murmuring like a mouth. You were the shadow of a cloud cross-
ing over a field of tulips. You were the tears of a man who cried
into a plaid handkerchief. You were a sky without a hat. Your
heart puffed and flowered like sheets drying on a line.

And when you were a tree, you listened to trees and the tree
things trees told you. You were the wind in the wheels of a red
bicycle. You were the spidery María tattooed on the hairless arm
of a boy in downtown Houston. You were the rain rolling off the
waxy leaves of a magnolia tree. A lock of straw-colored hair
wedged between the mottled pages of a Victor Hugo novel. A
crescent of soap. A spider the color of a fingernail. The black nets
beneath the sea of olive trees. A skein of blue wool. A tea saucer
wrapped in newspaper. An empty cracker tin. A bowl of blueber-
ries in heavy cream. White wine in a green-stemmed glass.

And when you opened your wings to wind, across the punched-
tin sky above a prison courtyard, those condemned to death and
those condemned to life watched how smooth and sweet a white
cloud glides.


My God, that is so lovely.
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I caught Fracture yesterday. SO GOOD. Surprisingly funny and intense, and I LOVED the payoff and Willie's character arc. It was believable, as was the ending. All in all, one of my best movie experiences thus far this year. (I think Zodiac was the last time I left the theater so thoroughly satisfied.)

Oh, and Ryan Gosling is so the Canadian Christian Bale. Just, you know, FYI. In case you didn't get the memo.

A few of the movies I'm eagerly anticipating in the next few weeks/months:
28 Weeks Later
Martian Child
Georgia Rule
ETA: D'OH! Knocked Up

Apropos of nothing, I am officially a go for John/Rashida. Yes, I know they were just waiting on pins and needles for my approval. But seriously! Look how cute they are! What with John being ginormous compared to Rashida! ADORABLE, people!

And here's a little Gyllenhaal to start off the week because seriously, if I could, I would marry that entire damn family because they are AWESOME. Oh, Jake, honey, I’ll love you forever for this: "I see politicians struggle as I see other actors struggle. Actors and politicians share a lot of similarities. And it's a sad time when politicians have to act. I feel like when you appeal to everybody, it may seem that everybody likes you, but is that really who you are? The ability to be human is to have people like you or not like you. But when you're in the job of getting votes, it's, like, who are you gonna be?" Dude. SIGH.
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Oh, this is so fantastic, I can't stop laughing.

Television Employer Without Pity

HA FUCKING HA, Recappers. You thought Sars and Wing Chun were going to actually make sure y’all saw even a little bit of the Sell-Out Booty? SUCKERS.

And with that, I swear, I'm done with the spamming.
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30 Rock has been renewed!

Hell fucking YES!
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* I like the overall arc of Gilmore girls this season, i.e., I was finally able to catch up on all the episodes since the end of January. Seeing them all back to back like that, in one continuous thread, really showed off how well DR is doing. I like that he is actually wrapping up storylines that have been lingering since season one, specifically Lorelai and Christopher. Granted, I ship them - have since "Christopher Returns." However, we finally had a conclusion to their storyline. Somehow I doubt it would have been as neatly done in ASP's hands, simply because she hasn't been able to make a clear choice since mid-way through season two. It's always this back and forth. Then there is Emily. She will always be a bitch, a product of her upbringing and generation, but she's no longer stagnating in this pool of bitchery. There's movement, something approaching progression. Richard's heart attack was just as difficult to sit through as I knew it would be, but I so loved that scene with all four of my beloved Gilmores as they strolled the hospital hallways. It illustrated why I adored them from the word go, even with all the baggage so clearly evident in the pilot episode. I'll conclude my fannish love by saying that I also adore the trajectory of the RoryLogan relationship, and I loved watching Lane and Zack prepare, with massive amounts of grumbling and panicking, for their boys. Oh, and Mrs. Kim, you will always rock hard in my heart. (I can't go near the Anna/April/Luke custody storyline without seeing massive amounts of rageful red, so I'll save myself [and you] by not mentioning it any further.)

* 30 Rock is the most consistently funny and smartest show on network television. I cannot wait until it comes back, which according to my DVR, is this Thursday. I'm enjoying Andy Barker, PI well enough, but it is no 30 Rock.

* Slither is disgusting but oh so funny. Gunn so ably captured all that is fantastic about a good, scary monster movie while putting his own stamp on things. (He named the high school after Fred Ward's character in Tremors, people! One word: AWESOME.) I should also note that Gunn really writes some fantastic females. I loved Tania Saulnier and Elizabeth Banks, especially Banks. She was so fucking kickass as Starla. Plus, Nathan curses up a fucking storm, thereby putting it into automatic classic territory. (I'm shallow, yo.) But then I checked out the extras, all of them (a sure sign I love the film, if I'm checking out even the technical shit), and Nathan is AFUCKINGDORABLE, with his little-boy-like, "You scared the shit out of me!" Seriously, when does Drive start? I need my weekly fix of one Mr. Fillion, thanks. Another thing, the juxtaposition of Gregg Henry in this versus his polished role as Logan's pops on GG is pretty fangirl-inspiring, but then he had me at, "Move the fuck out of the way cocksucker!"

* The Lookout was decent, but not the immediate classic the critics are hailing it to be. JGL was fantastic of course. And pretty. So fucking pretty. It's funny. When he's half-naked (at one point, he wakes up in shorts and no shirt) he looks more solid, but dressed, he looks so fragile, as if I could take him over my knee and break him in half, all vengeful giant like.

* Upon second viewing (went to see it with Mom), Premonition is still as good and affecting, and knowing how it ends, I was able to sit back and pick up all the clues, but then one of the first scenes gives it away. It really reinforced that the "premonitions" are just the McGuffin of the piece.

* I find Paul Walker immensely more attractive when he handles his business like he did in Running Scared. He was capable and BELIEVABLE. (My world is all-askew.) He fucking rocked that part like I haven't seen him rock a part since Joy Ride. He was so gritty and worn around the edges (which makes TONS of sense once you realize what's really going down). Then he starred opposite Vera Farmiga, who played his kickass, take-no-names wife, and I just about died of happiness.

* Brothers & Sisters, how is it you make me laugh fucking out loud one minute, only to have me in tears the next? In short, how you so awesome?

I had other thoughts, but as I predicted, since I didn't write them down, they've fluttered away as so much else has over the last week. Dude, whatever this was I got this time kicked my ass, and then handed my kicked ass back to me, laughing.

Today is Katt's birthday so we're having chili-dogs and chips followed by strawberry cake with ice cream. God, I love hot dogs, but chili dogs OWN MY SOUL. Seriously. The only thing missing is the onions. It really isn't a chili dog without onions. Lots of them. However, we’re a close little office, so I’ll make do without.
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I ordered food from Hungry's today. HUGE mistake - well, until I finally got back to my desk and started eagerly shoveling down my beloved Black Bean Orzo Pasta Salad and cup of Black Bean with Pico de Gallo soup. Oh, and peed. Holy hell, I had to pee. It's just the Village is ridiculous during the lunch hour. Narrow streets coupled with small parking lots and loads of people (rich ones at that, ones who couldn't possibly care less that they are shitty, entitled drivers) = a pissy rubykate. I just need to stick to my "Only after 1 PM" rule when it comes to the Village from now on, but my hunger was like an angry, bitter thing since I didn't have dinner last night and a small breakfast this morning.

I did see Dr. Pest over there. He was having lunch with some lady who I know isn't his wife, but I'm sure it was a drug rep. There was no hanky panky, but he was certainly being charming with his Alan Alda voice (seriously, he sounds exactly like him, which is amusing considering I think AA is kind of a dick and a know-it-all. It's fitting) and his kickin' it old school preppy Penny Loafers. He is one of those people that is beyond abrasive and ten miles past out there yet totally brilliant, which is the only reason he's kept his job here all these years as he never curbs his tongue when it comes to the doctors here in our department or the so-called failings of this institution. (He once accused another doctor and his research nurse of being "Commies." People, I could not make this shit up if I tried.)

Then there was the guy who was cute (GORGEOUS eyes) but packaged in the way of Gael García Bernal, i.e. pocket-sized, and the sort of cute pink polo guy who had no problem staring and not smiling – a giant-sized peeve of mine, which has equal parts to do with the annoyance of someone (mostly guys in my experience) who just stare and stare like some pervert and my being Texas born and bred. (Something you should know should you ever find yourself in Texas: if you don't smile or make eye contact or at least greet someone [especially in response], you will be deemed a snooty, stuck up asshole/bitch [trust me, that's what everyone called me when I first started here and it was simply because I was shy]. Or a foreigner [and that means Yanks, too]. It's just a thing down here.)

And now I’m going to finish up lunch and start back on my special project. *WHINE*
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* If this latest Grey's spoiler regarding the end of last week's episode is true, I may just have to start watching again. I've always dug that idea. (WARNING: that page contains spoilers for Grey's Anatomy, Heroes, and Lost, so please click with caution.)
* Last night's HIMYM was pre-empted for Frasier reruns. WTF, CBS?
* Caught Premonition and Wild Hogs this weekend. (Re: WH - MOM MADE ME DO IT! She finally cashed in her birthday movie.) Ahem. WH was just as blah as I knew it would be, but the running gag for Travolta's character seemed especially pathetic. It felt waaaay too forced. However, Premonition surprised me. It turned out to be more about faith and belief and love than the actual premonitions Linda was experiencing, and the ending was surprisingly affecting. Also? Sandy Bullock, baby, I knew you had that performance in you after Hope Floats. It's good to see you shine.
* Saw some wonderful trailers (at least before Premonition. I think the AMC folks realized what they were foisting on us with Wild Hogs so they just decided to cut right to the chase after three trailers. THANK YOU, BTW.):
- Waitress - Nathan Fillion! With clearly blue eyes (finally)! Keri Russell! With a believable southern accent! It actually looks quite lovely. Sad that Adrienne Shelley isn't around to realize her success.
- The Ex. The one with Zach Braff, Amanda Peet and Jason Bateman. I'll probably see it, but with a little apprehension. I think the combo of ZB and JB could be comedy gold (and the trailer proves this); however I would rather avoid the UN!COMFORTABLENESS of another Meet the Parents. I can only handle a man getting the shit kicked out of him (both by his own hand and circumstances out of his control) for so long before I wonder why he doesn't just pick up the meager scraps of his dignity and beat feet.
* Random question for the flist: since Robert Rodriguez is apparently fucking Rose McGowan now, does that mean we're going to end up with her in all his future cinematic endeavors? Because, no. He pretty much lost me with Sin City, but if that's going to be the way it is from here on out, we're through. RR, we are officially broken up. (And it hurts me so since you're a very loyal Texan and film here [almost?] exclusively.)
* Oh! Finally got around to watching Casino Royale, and now find myself in the strange predicament of finding Daniel Craig a little bit attractive. And I'm actually looking forward to the next installment. What the HELL, man? BRAIN STOP BETRAYING ME!
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Today is Mick's last day. This makes me sad for a variety of reasons, first and foremost that she was a fantastic asset to our team, but she also provided a much-needed buffer between me (hell, all of us on the Phase II team) and The Useless One. However, she is going on to bigger and better things in our IRB so I’m not too terribly broken up about it.

In honor of her escape, Gabs made enchiladas (OMG! SO YUMMY!), I made a coconut cake, and Yo, Dev, and Del chipped in for salsa/creamy jalapeno dip and chips from Chuy's. (Man, I'm going to miss that place when I move out of Texas. Shit, Tex-Mex in general. Thank God I have a good salsa recipe to see me through.) And because we will be happily gorging ourselves on all of the above, we moved our weigh in day to today and weighed ourselves this morning. (This is our second "Biggest Loser" challenge. We held the first back in January, of which I was the victor. This has led me to much smack talk this go-round. Due to our success last time, we have 12 contestants, which translates into more money, so as reigning champion, I feel it is my duty to tell everyone, “You just want to give me your money now?”. Gabs, The Guid, and Katt are determined to see me go down in flames.)

And now I'm off to pick up the stuff from Chuy's. Oh, food, how much do I love thee?


Mar. 13th, 2007 09:15 am
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It is ridiculous how excited I am about the new BTVS season eight comics since I have yet to see all of season seven.

Tomorrow, folks! TOMORROW!
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Apparently some douche who will never, ever get laid wrote an op-ed piece he likes to call "satire" regarding rape and how VERY AWESOME rape is for his school newspaper. Strangely enough, people didn't find it funny. Cue the much-deserved backlash against the asshat and the editors of the school newspaper and the resulting wank!

(Of note, I am seriously late to the party as this was discussed on Feministe back on 02-09-07.)
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Is it wrong that my first reaction to news that Cassandra Claire was plagiarized is to laugh? Or that the thought that immediately follows is Are we sure CC didn't plagiarize that herself?
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Oh, The Office, YOU complete ME.
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Four things that made me laugh tonight:

1. The O.C. Seriously, I think I may have broken my squee-er because it started at the teaser and didn't stop until about thirty minutes after the show ended and those AWESOME previews for next week. Cut for spoilers. )
2. T-Mobile's My Faves commercials. While I enjoy the ones with the guy who complains about a guy smelling of Gouda (hence Gouda boy will not be taking the last spot in his five) and the one about Gandhi ("That's between me and Gandhi."), I giggle like a FOOLlove the one with the guy confronting his roomie about putting his girlfriend in his five. "You don't give another guy's girl a foot massage and you don't put her in your five." Cue Secret Lovers.
3. Jim's look at Pam tonight. Oh, John Krasinski, not only are you one fine ass mofo (and a tall drink of water, too), but then you gotta be all funny and ridiculously expressive with the eyes and make me bray like a jackass. Dude, CALL ME.
4. Joy Turner from My Name is Earl. "I'm sorry but when you talk with your deaf accent..." She continues to reign as QUEEN OF FRICKIN' AWESOMETOWN.


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