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Having watched Fracture for the fifty-millionth time last night, I want some Willie/Mona fic. It is so totally obvious she wants him, but then, who wouldn't? He might be a morally ambiguous character, but he's funny and hot with the added bonus of being the big no-no in the working world, i.e., the whole he's her boss thing.

I have ideas, wherein she's been reassigned to some other part of the DA's office upon his return to the FOLD OF JUSTICE, and while he isn't exactly living the monk's life, they run into each other outside of work. He'd be like, "We should do something." She would be like, "FINALLY." And oh god, it would be a thing of clichéd beauty! IT WOULD BE AWESOME.

This song is awesomely appropriate because much like Fuck Yeah! Ryan Gosling is representative of his behavior with his "girl" IN MY HEAD, I think this could be his theme song. DO NOT TRY TO TALK ME OUT OF THIS FANTASY. I LIVE IN A HAPPY PLACE BECAUSE OF IT.
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I'm gonna need Ryan Gosling to stop being so damn adorable. Jeebus Cripes! *shakes head* Do you see that FACE?

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Yesterday, before weight training class (OMFG, people, speaking of, Heather is trying to kill us; by the end of class, when we were on all fours, doing these leg-lift-kick things, she said, laughing, "Just pretend y'all're kicking me." Oh, Heather, we already were. We already were.) I went to Smoothie King because I was starving and I tried out this new smoothie called Raspberry Sunrise. It was YUMMY. Tart and sweet and so very bueno.

As for the play, Ngoc and I will be making it a one day trip tomorrow. Obviously, this will involve lots and lots of Starbucks. Thank God, there's one with a drive through in Huntsville now because that'll be about the time I've finished off my first Venti Nonfat Latte.

And in news of the totally and completely awesome, The Gosling proves how truly fucking awesome he is when he takes a trip to D.C. to talk about the mess in Uganda as a result of the horrifying war going on in the Sudan and the Iraq War. The way our government is NOT responding to the atrocities over there illustrate what I despise most about this war, specifically, the excuse for it: freeing the Iraqi people from Suddam Hussein's tyranny, and yet where are they when it comes to Darfur? Oh, that's right! No oil.
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I'm actually considering road-tripping to see this. I blame [ profile] halfway2home. Also, the pretty. I'd actually get to see the pretty in person. I have reached new depths of shallow. Who knew? (This icon perfectly captures my feelings on this.)

Must call Ngoc. She mentioned she wanted to start traveling. I'm not sure Fort Worth really rates on her "places to visit" list, but still. I need a buddy if I’m going to indulge this insanity. ETA: So we're going, Ngoc and I. Just bought the tickets. June 9th, 2pm, I will officially hit stalker-status.

I saw The Invisible (ehhh....) and In the Land of Women (some humorous and emotionally resonant moments [mostly thanks to Olympia Dukakis] mixed in with a whole lot of blah, although it did have Annie as the younger sis, which led to one of the most awesome exchanges EVER. Carter: I used to be like you when I was your age. Paige: You were a girl? Hahahahaha. I find mocking Adam Brody so amusing that I'll even take it in character) this weekend. I also got a little bit drunk on ONE margarita. This whole as-little-alcohol-as-possible-so-as-to-aid-the-weight-loss has totally turned me into a lightweight. Not just a lightweight, but a fucking lightweight. My mother could drink me under the table.

One upside to sitting through In the Land of Women is getting to see the trailer for Across the Universe on the big screen. I've heard that there has been some major reworking by the studio, but I still really want to see it.

Oh, and Saturday night I dreamed Ryan Gosling was killed in a tractor accident on the set of his new movie. I woke up DISTRESSED. My first thought? He and Rachel will never be together again. I'm a freak, people. A FREAK.
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I caught Fracture yesterday. SO GOOD. Surprisingly funny and intense, and I LOVED the payoff and Willie's character arc. It was believable, as was the ending. All in all, one of my best movie experiences thus far this year. (I think Zodiac was the last time I left the theater so thoroughly satisfied.)

Oh, and Ryan Gosling is so the Canadian Christian Bale. Just, you know, FYI. In case you didn't get the memo.

A few of the movies I'm eagerly anticipating in the next few weeks/months:
28 Weeks Later
Martian Child
Georgia Rule
ETA: D'OH! Knocked Up

Apropos of nothing, I am officially a go for John/Rashida. Yes, I know they were just waiting on pins and needles for my approval. But seriously! Look how cute they are! What with John being ginormous compared to Rashida! ADORABLE, people!

And here's a little Gyllenhaal to start off the week because seriously, if I could, I would marry that entire damn family because they are AWESOME. Oh, Jake, honey, I’ll love you forever for this: "I see politicians struggle as I see other actors struggle. Actors and politicians share a lot of similarities. And it's a sad time when politicians have to act. I feel like when you appeal to everybody, it may seem that everybody likes you, but is that really who you are? The ability to be human is to have people like you or not like you. But when you're in the job of getting votes, it's, like, who are you gonna be?" Dude. SIGH.


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