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...or How the Republican Party is Seriously Doing Women Wrong

I know people want to just chuck everyone in Congress out on their asses, but Delaware Republicans seriously think Christine O'Donnell is a VIABLE senatorial candidate?

NO, SERIOUSLY?! She's a fucking moron. She doesn't even get that the audience is NOT laughing because she PWN'D Coons, but rather they're laughing at her stunning idiocy.

Also, I find it very telling that an ad was produced, aired, and then quickly yanked from the airwaves in Nevada urging Latino voters to stay home from voting rather than go Democrat after Angle once again stuck her foot so far in her mouth, the search team still hasn't recovered it. On Friday, she actually told a group of Hispanic high school students she thought they "looked more Asian" and that she was the first Asian state legislator in Nevada.

First, she mistakenly says that she has to pay (via her insurance) for other women's maternity leave (uh, no, dumbass) and suggests that since she's done having babies, let's get rid of it, amirite? She then used air quotes to talk autism. In another recent gem, she repeated the long-since debunked urban legend that the 9/11 hijackers entered the US via Canada (NEWSFLASH: THEY DID NOT. Each of them was granted a visa by the US).

I guess it's nice of them to be so fucking into their own ignorance that they do all of this with cameras rolling, but that the race is still so very close in Nevada because as a Nevadan noted on [ profile] ontd_political most folks aren't supporting Angle, but rather voting for anyone that isn't Reid. If she actually makes it to Congress, Nevada, you let me know how that whole cutting off your nose to spite your face worked out for you, 'kay?
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When novels like Speak and Living Dead Girl aren't so immediately devastating because there are too many baby girls who have had the agency over what happens to their bodies taken away violently, then I will submit to you.

When books like The Natashas or videos like A Teenage Girls Guide to Surviving Sex Slavery no longer apply to the daily realities of girls and women around the world, then I will submit to you.

When a court in the UNITED STATES doesn't decide that once sex has started, I lose the right to say no, when such laughably offensive language as "re-flowered" isn't actually used in the LEGAL OPINION, then I will submit to you.

When my daughters and granddaughters are not taught from birth that what lays between their legs is something that others will try to take by force if they aren't careful; when I'm not linked to [ profile] cereta's post and find myself nodding my head, or getting a knot in my stomach when [ profile] inlovewithnight says by way of linking: "The idea of all the things I haven't done, the experiences I passed on, because nobody wanted to go with me and it just wasn't the smart/good/safe thing to do by myself," * because I KNOW that feeling, then I will submit to you.

When my reproductive rights are no longer a topic of debate in the political discourse; when doctors are not gunned down for giving me the opportunity to exercise my right; when you can read personal testimonials like Gretchen Voss' or Lynda Waddington's and understand that abortion is never an easy choice but it MUST remain A CHOICE at every stage of pregnancy, then I will submit to you.

Are you seeing a theme here? So until then feel free to be offended every time I openly laugh in your face when you grumble about us "independent women" and our inability to "submit to our men as the bible says" because let's not get it twisted: I totally mean to offend the fuck outta you.

*This is actually directed at one man in particular, but I thought I'd just make it an open letter to all of the mens.
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What the fucking WHAT? Please tell me this isn't going to start up again now that we have a Dem in the White House.
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THANK YOU. I just love it when the menfolk, who, you know, DO NOT HAVE A UTERUS, think they need to have a say in what we womenfolk do with ours. Or protect us from ourselves and pesky little things like DECISIONS.

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Beautiful and terrifying all at once.
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The Guid, who normally makes me just shake my head with her stupidity, had me going all out *headdesk* this morning. She made this very defensive comment – we were discussing the debate – that she was voting for Hillary and that she has her "reasons." She continued to bluster on about how Obama supporters have been attacking Hillary supporters, and I was like, "It goes both ways, [name redacted to protect the terminally stupid]. There are a lot of so-called feminists attacking their fellow females because they aren't automatically supporting Hillary, basically calling them anti-woman. Just because I possess a vagina DOES NOT mean I have to support the sole vagina-possessin' candidate. That goes against everything I stand for as a feminist." So then I asked her why she was supporting Hillary because I honestly wanted to know and she responded with (I SHIT YOU NOT): "This country isn't ready for a black president."

Of course, she isn’t the only POC I’ve heard this from. BibleThumper’s daughter-in-law is convinced that if Obama is elected that he’ll be assassinated and doesn’t want to see him in office. She's experienced a lot of rascism here (especially from BibleThumper's in-laws, against their own great-grandchild) to the point that she wants to return to California so I can understand why her view is slanted that way, but I don't think Hillary would be in any less danger as a female president. Women aren't exactly on top of the world at the moment. (I mean, FUCK. The KKK endorced OBAMA because "anyone is better than Hillary." [Redacted: apparently this is one of the many rumors making the rounds about my Obama.] She'd be in danger, it would just be from DIFFERENT fucktarded factions.)
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LaLa and I discussing tomorrow night on the phone:

ME: I don't expect to, like, get to shake his hand or anything, but I really can't wait to see him in person. Even if it's from across a room.
LALA: Me too. I just want my far away picture.
ME: Yes!
LALA: That's totally him if you SQUINT!
ME: If you look really closely, that's the outline of his ears! That glint? That's totally his smile!

Then it picked up from there into much loftier conversation, wherein we discussed LaLa's niece and how kids today don't fully grasp – no matter who you're leaning towards – the importance of this election. Not just what’s riding on it, but the fact that the two candidates vying for the Democratic nomination are a black man and a woman is just phenomenal. Less than a century after women were given the vote; less than sixty years after the Civil Rights Movement – yes, that sounds horrible, but we’re still so far from where we should be, even after all of that, I just couldn’t imagine two such candidates finding footing so soon in my lifetime.

Anyway, deep thoughts are going away. Must work now.
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Ms. Magazine Names Women Who Had Abortions

My jaw is on the fucking floor as I type this. Now, don't get me wrong, I think they have every right to do this (their bodies, their choice), and I really agree with the reasoning behind it. (I WILL be buying this issue.) And while I commend them for their bravery and strength, I have to admit that I'm more than a little afraid for their safety.

More than anything though, it is times like these that make me so proud to be a woman.
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I posted this in [ profile] abortiondebate, but I'm curious to hear from those on my flist.

New rules will require written parental consent for abortions

These rules were only recently adopted by the state of Texas. Personally, it fills me with such a sense of frustration, especially when I read comments like this, "I believe we will see a drop in abortions and pregnancies for girls 17 years and younger." (The quote belongs to Joe Pojman, executive director of Texas Alliance for Life, which opposes abortion.) I think that's a fool's dream, Joe.

However, I wondered how you would view this story. I'm not a mother, so I can't even begin to imagine this from a parent's perspective. My sole perspective in this particular aspect of the abortion debate is the few he girls I knew in high school who had abortions - all underage. For them it was ultimately the right choice, but I wonder what would have happened had the parents been involved in the matter.


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