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Me: I seem to like the Jonas Brothers now. [pause] And have a waaaay inappropriate crush on Nick. I don't even know, pal.
Rae: Hmm interesting. I have a feeling that relationship may be illegal if you decide to pursue it. (HA. Nevermind the fact the boy's a megastar, just the fact he's underage - THE ONLY HINDRANCE TO OUR ENDLESS LOVE.)
Me: And I thought it was bad when I was crushing on Rupert Grint. He's ZEEBERT'S AGE (that's her bro) for crying out loud! Brain, why do you insist on betraying me at every turn?
Rae: I feel as though there is a significant difference between crushing and action. You are safe, darling.
Me: Thanks, pal. I just really like the way he thrashes his guitar in the "Lovebug" video. That's my story and I'm stickin' to it.
Rae: HA!
Me: And if I ever text you saying I'm going to one of their concerts, please shoot me in the head.
Rae: Are you kidding? I will go with you to video you crying when Nick comes out.

[ profile] briary_flower, I swear, I am going to email you back. Work and school are conspiring against me in some one-two punch of SUCK.
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I am officially a college student now. I went yesterday to register and I am on my way to that English degree. Yes, since I haven't posted in a million years (work, why must you get in the way of my LJ life?), this seems like it's coming out of nowhere, but this has been coming together for a few months now. I don't know. I'm weird, people! I didn't want to talk about it until it was real or something.

So now Rae (who is a fellow LJer now) and I are both college freshman.

Annnyway, along college lines, m'friend [ profile] affectingly put together an awesome post listing the Top Ten Reasons You Should Be Watching Greek. Seriously. It's AWESOME. It captures everything I love about the show and articulates it beyond my usual, "SQUEE!LOVE!OMG!*SQUISH*"

And that's about it as far as real-world and fan-world Beth news goes. Aside from the whole capslock freakout every five or so seconds that I'm currently keeping exclusively in my head: I have been out of school for ELEVENFREAKINGYEARSOHMYGODWHATTHEFUCK! Which, all in all, DUDES, I'm winning!
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My Rae )

Mom and Rae )

Rae with her sister The Beetle )

My Uncle J with Rae's grandpa W )

I didn't get any pics of Zeebert that night because he was playing with the band, and by the time I saw him after the ceremony he had stripped out of his tux down to his shorts and a t-shirt and he was a hot, funkified mess. Somehow I missed my aunt, which is weird, because I'm positive I took some shots of her with Rae, but she probably worked some voodoo. She much prefers being the taker rather than being the subject.

Hey, y'all!

Jun. 9th, 2008 11:40 am
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Idaho was chilly, rainy, and windy, but absolutely lovely. )

In other news of the awesome, Lewis Black is coming to Houston in July. This makes me veddy, veddy happy.

And finally a book rec: Max Brooks’ World War Z. I read it while I was in Idaho Falls and immediately had to pass it on to Zeebert before I left who was to then give it to Rae for her flight to Europe. All I have to say is: NORTH KOREA. That shit freaked me the fuck out.
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My cousin just texted me: "It is snowing and I am a bit disappointed in Idaho." Heh. Of course, I can only laugh to a point (it's a balmy 75 right now in Houston) because I'll be flying up for her graduation in about two weeks. It's gonna be a shock to my little Texan body, having to pack WINTER clothing in MAY.
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Family stuff. )

I finally got to the movies last night to see 28 Weeks Later. My overwhelming response was despair. Fucking HELL. The hope you're left with post-28 Days Later isn't found in the sequel. My stomach was in knots from the prologue on. SPOILERS. )

And I finally found a picture of Jensen Ackles with a beard where I actually find him quite attractive. The ginger beard – he's just like my cousin (and Dave Annable). He must have a red head in the family.
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Went to the mall and got my exercise for the day. Down one end and back around. Hit Bath & Body Works, Aveda, Origins (where I seriously disappointed the employee with my refusal to let her test out some new goop on me in hopes I'd be persuaded to purchase it. Hello - don't buy anything but your body scrub. Do you want me to waste your time?), then ran over to James Avery to get a silver chain for my star pendant. And finally, I stopped by La Madeleine for a chicken salad sandwich and Caesar side salad, which is currently sitting in my belly like lead.

Ick. I forgot to tell them hold the mayo and am regretting it something fierce.

In other news, my cousin, my darling, beautiful Rae, emailed me today. She never ceases to amaze me with her intelligence, or scare me with how much we are alike. In addition to our family vacation this summer, she also plans to come next year on her spring break. I guess it's genetic, this planning months and months in advanced; she's already ordered me to save up my vacation so I can take off.

Can't blame her really, the highs right now are in the 20s. The 20s. Bloody hell. Poor baby, and she is so not a winter-loving person either.


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