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What the fuck is it about Jensen Ackles and his fans? No, SERIOUSLY. I do not get it. What is it about him that inspires such overwhelming crazy in seemingly normal females? And when were we supposed to start taking Supernatural and the boys as fucking gospel? I mean, the show is shit, brain-candy on its best day and complete drivel on its worst.


When the Harry Potter fandom is starting to look relatively sane by comparison, well. That's not good, yo. As someone on Fandom Wank put it: “Is good now evil? Black is white? Dogs and cats living together! Mass hysteria!” (Also total win for referencing The Ghostbusters.)

*burrows into some more Frankie to remind myself of a time when fangirls let out their crazy in healthy ways, like screaming or crying when in the presence of their idol, and at most a dramatic fainting spell*
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Everyone who has seen POTC: At World's End should go read [ profile] inlovewithnight's Will-centric Limbo. It's gorgeous, for one. The imagery as well as the language, and I love Will's quiet acceptance of his fate because it's SO Will, even if I want to shake him for it.

There's also this old (post-DMC) but absolute goody from [ profile] kieyra: The Tale of Saint William the Martyr. It's Jack and Elizabeth and Will and a mix therein. What if Elizabeth really did want Jack? Will and Elizabeth, both broken and wasted and pirates through and through. Again, the language and the dialogue make pretty, pretty. Lovely and hurty and I love it like whoa, even a year later.

And this is all I have to say about Six Apart's current layover in Stupidia: join [ profile] fandom_counts. As of this writing, the comm is up to 25,000+ members, and fucking hell, it warms my cockles.
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I found Heroes to be all around awesome last night, but as per usual, [ profile] latxcvi manages to sum up my thoughts far more eloquently and with far more articulation than I could even hope for. I was a pathetic, weeping mess by the end of it, and I am eagerly anticipating next season. Aside from a few random shallow comments which are very minor spoilers. )

Oh, and the planned spin-off Heroes: Origins, too.

Between Heroes, Sunday's Brothers & Sisters, and last Thursday's The Office, I am permanently in a state of verklempt. It isn't wholly unpleasing, as I've loved and enjoyed each and every finale. It's been a great season of TV.

This post, re: FanLib, by [ profile] icarusancalion seems to be popping up in posts all over the flist. It's pretty fantastic. Plus there's some wank to be had over at Fandom Wank, too, with regards to the whole FanLib mess. (For the record, I'm in the camp that everything to do with that site is bad and no good can come of it.)

Finally, [ profile] inlovewithnight, is this the wank in Buffy fandom you were referring to earlier?
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[ profile] kimarama found Pam's AMAZING speech from last week's "Beach Games." Guh. I'm still in awe, hence my new journal title. Pam Beesly owns all, yo.


USA Today has the excerpt for Fourth Comings up. I can't wait to see Jess again after all the ups and downs she went through in Charmed Thirds. Hopefully, we'll get to see more of Hope too, because I was so happy to get a better grasp of her at the end of CT.


Reason number 23455590 why I am equal parts in love with and skeeved out by Jensen Ackles. Basically: he is such a fucking boy.

I do find it interesting that he confirmed some of the DA on-set gossip by admitting he and Alba did not get along because she was a self-admitted *GASP!* bitch. 'Twas nice of her to call him up and apologize for being unprofessional. I’ll give her that.

Also, in that link, the OP features Alona Tal, who was there at the Asylum con as well, and I really really cringe when she mentions how much the negative reaction from fans hurt her. Not just because it was overblown and irrational and made me despise that part of fandom, oh those that think mainly with what’s between their legs, but because it led to the marginalization of an entire storyline that seemed to be a big part of the plan for season two because Kripke is a spineless, pandering ass. Plus that hideous, pathetic send-off for Jo.

And then she basically confirms for the world that Kripke and co. are, in fact, morons (bigger than even I thought). Heart you, AT.


The obligatory fic recs:

Money can't buy you back the love that you had then by [ profile] sophia_helix
[The Office; characters: Jim, Pam; rating: General; spoilers: through "Beach Games," nothing beyond that; word count: 1,800 words.]
Just as I squeed and jumped (figuratively) in joy over the events of "Beach Games", this fic brought me crashing back to earth with its unflinching eye for the realities of the situation. As much as I have loved the highs – the many, many highs – of season two, culminating in "Casino Night", this has always been a possibility, especially with a Jim who just refuses to learn.

Black and White and Sharp All Over by [ profile] fox1013
[Brothers & Sisters; Rebecca; rating: PG; summary: except that it's not everything, because everything is a lie; word count: 1,417.]
Oh, man. I adore this fic as it gives such a tremendous view into Rebecca. She is such a fucked up girl, one who could do the things she has done and still have this desperate yearning to be accepted by the Walkers. It fits especially well in her scene with Nora last night.
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OMFG. Please somebody kill me. I made the mistake of going over to the Supernatural board over at TWoP. After reading several comments regarding Jo NOT being humiliated during her non-fight with Possessed!Sam, I posted this:

Pardon? She was threatened with rape and then had her head bashed against the bar. I'd say that was pretty fucking humiliating, especially when one takes into account how the other hunter was taken care of, i.e. QUICKLY. Her sex was used against her in order to subdue her. As men, Dean and Sam do not live with the threat of rape looming over their heads every day. Women have since the dawn of man.

To which this fucktard responded with this gem of idiocy:

That kind of reasoning only makes it a woman`s fault if she is sexually assaulted or feel she was humiliated for not being able to fight back and "letting it happen". What MegSam tried to do was horrifying but a)he is a demon and b) a demon who was female last time we saw and had not problems doing the same to Sam in "Shadows". Why would he/she not play with sexual violence her. Especially on someone Sam knew. That`s mind-game, he didn`t need to play this with the dead hunter.

I hate human beings. I really, really do, and that board is like a beacon for the stupidest of the bunch.

ETA: HA! I was reported for boards on boards when I responded to fucktard yet again:

What the what? The fact that rape is ever-present in a woman's life, that makes rape her fault? I'm sorry? Oh, nevermind. Silly me. I forgot what board I was on for a moment. Earth logic does not apply here.

Ms. Wing Chun sent me a nice little note. Aw. I have the warm and fuzzies now.[/sarcasm]


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