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Shipping meme stolen from [ profile] heather11483:

If you want to do this one, make the list of pairings before you see the questions!

Six ships you're into right now.

01 → Casey/Cappie, Greek
02 → Brennan/Booth, Bones
03 → Sonny/Chad, Sonny with a Chance
04 → Reese/Crews, Life
05 → Pam/Ryan, The Office
06 → Parker/Hardison, Leverage

Three ships you liked, but don't anymore.

07 → Pam/Jim, The Office
08 → Rory/Jess, Gilmore girls
09 → Kitty/Robert, Brothers & Sisters

Three ships you never liked.

10 → Hotch/Reid, Criminal Minds
11 → Cristina/Burke, Grey's Anatomy
12 → Penny/Leonard, The Big Bang Theory

Two ships you're curious about, but don't actually ship.

13 → Fiona/Michael, Burn Notice
14 → Liz/Jack, 30 Rock

Questions )
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* I like the overall arc of Gilmore girls this season, i.e., I was finally able to catch up on all the episodes since the end of January. Seeing them all back to back like that, in one continuous thread, really showed off how well DR is doing. I like that he is actually wrapping up storylines that have been lingering since season one, specifically Lorelai and Christopher. Granted, I ship them - have since "Christopher Returns." However, we finally had a conclusion to their storyline. Somehow I doubt it would have been as neatly done in ASP's hands, simply because she hasn't been able to make a clear choice since mid-way through season two. It's always this back and forth. Then there is Emily. She will always be a bitch, a product of her upbringing and generation, but she's no longer stagnating in this pool of bitchery. There's movement, something approaching progression. Richard's heart attack was just as difficult to sit through as I knew it would be, but I so loved that scene with all four of my beloved Gilmores as they strolled the hospital hallways. It illustrated why I adored them from the word go, even with all the baggage so clearly evident in the pilot episode. I'll conclude my fannish love by saying that I also adore the trajectory of the RoryLogan relationship, and I loved watching Lane and Zack prepare, with massive amounts of grumbling and panicking, for their boys. Oh, and Mrs. Kim, you will always rock hard in my heart. (I can't go near the Anna/April/Luke custody storyline without seeing massive amounts of rageful red, so I'll save myself [and you] by not mentioning it any further.)

* 30 Rock is the most consistently funny and smartest show on network television. I cannot wait until it comes back, which according to my DVR, is this Thursday. I'm enjoying Andy Barker, PI well enough, but it is no 30 Rock.

* Slither is disgusting but oh so funny. Gunn so ably captured all that is fantastic about a good, scary monster movie while putting his own stamp on things. (He named the high school after Fred Ward's character in Tremors, people! One word: AWESOME.) I should also note that Gunn really writes some fantastic females. I loved Tania Saulnier and Elizabeth Banks, especially Banks. She was so fucking kickass as Starla. Plus, Nathan curses up a fucking storm, thereby putting it into automatic classic territory. (I'm shallow, yo.) But then I checked out the extras, all of them (a sure sign I love the film, if I'm checking out even the technical shit), and Nathan is AFUCKINGDORABLE, with his little-boy-like, "You scared the shit out of me!" Seriously, when does Drive start? I need my weekly fix of one Mr. Fillion, thanks. Another thing, the juxtaposition of Gregg Henry in this versus his polished role as Logan's pops on GG is pretty fangirl-inspiring, but then he had me at, "Move the fuck out of the way cocksucker!"

* The Lookout was decent, but not the immediate classic the critics are hailing it to be. JGL was fantastic of course. And pretty. So fucking pretty. It's funny. When he's half-naked (at one point, he wakes up in shorts and no shirt) he looks more solid, but dressed, he looks so fragile, as if I could take him over my knee and break him in half, all vengeful giant like.

* Upon second viewing (went to see it with Mom), Premonition is still as good and affecting, and knowing how it ends, I was able to sit back and pick up all the clues, but then one of the first scenes gives it away. It really reinforced that the "premonitions" are just the McGuffin of the piece.

* I find Paul Walker immensely more attractive when he handles his business like he did in Running Scared. He was capable and BELIEVABLE. (My world is all-askew.) He fucking rocked that part like I haven't seen him rock a part since Joy Ride. He was so gritty and worn around the edges (which makes TONS of sense once you realize what's really going down). Then he starred opposite Vera Farmiga, who played his kickass, take-no-names wife, and I just about died of happiness.

* Brothers & Sisters, how is it you make me laugh fucking out loud one minute, only to have me in tears the next? In short, how you so awesome?

I had other thoughts, but as I predicted, since I didn't write them down, they've fluttered away as so much else has over the last week. Dude, whatever this was I got this time kicked my ass, and then handed my kicked ass back to me, laughing.

Today is Katt's birthday so we're having chili-dogs and chips followed by strawberry cake with ice cream. God, I love hot dogs, but chili dogs OWN MY SOUL. Seriously. The only thing missing is the onions. It really isn't a chili dog without onions. Lots of them. However, we’re a close little office, so I’ll make do without.
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So it's the letter meme. I was tagged by the lovely Ms. [ profile] halfway2home and am now feeling daunted by the task of coming up with ten things that I love starting with the letter M.

Anyway, my whinging and flailing aside, here goes... )

Gilmore girls )

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Found this wank about Jensen Ackles today. OMG, the responses that cropped up over here poking fun at the original poster, from some of the funnier, best-tongue-in-cheekers EVER, are seriously for the win, folks.

And apparently Jensen's a smoker, though there seems to be no photographic evidence to support this alleged fact. God. Jensen, honey, buy a clue with all that SPN money.

Now onto Tuesday night TV:

Gilmore Girls )

Veronica Mars )

OMG! UB Casting News: Daniel's Mom )
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Found this over at [ profile] ohnotheydidnt.

[WARNING: Contains spoilers for Gilmore girls!!]

I’m a bitch so it’s no wonder that the first thing that comes to mind is the pure hysteria over at TWoP, all the Luke fangirls (in the worse sense of the word) crying out in outrage, their panties all in a twist. I mean, everyone is entitled to their own OTP, and there was a time when Luke seemed like the best fit for Lorelai, but then we met Christopher and HELLO, NURSE! Yeah, I know he's been an ass and so irresponsible it makes my head hurt to think about it too long, but then you see Lauren Graham and David Sutcliffe on screen together and it's absolute magic. You can tell they like and respect each other off screen, but on screen, they bring it. There is so much there underlying everything they say (or don’t say) to one another, even in the smallest gesture or look. Now that I think about it, their relationship – the history of high school lovers permanently linked to each other with an unplanned pregnancy (child) – was a huge inspiration for my fic La Vie en Rose (with a liberal dash of Hito’s Roman Holiday, o'course).

For instance, there's a scene in season three, after Christopher once again leaves Lorelai and Rory in the lurch, another broken promise for a future together. He comes to Friday Night Dinner to confront Lorelai for what he believes is her part in Rory cutting him off. She tries to avoid it, and you can tell in every line of her body that it is killing Lorelai to be in the same room with him, but you can also tell how much Christopher wishes he could be someone different. Not the guy that has let a woman he adores (as well as his first love) and his daughter down one more time, or a guy that is forever linked by another unplanned pregnancy to a woman, who for all intents and purposes, was his ex. I physically ached for the both of them in that scene. Plus we get the added bonus of Emily Gilmore in fine form, telling Christopher to leave because he is hurting her daughter.

I've just never seen that kind of intensity, or give and take, in a scene with Lauren and Scott Patterson. I don’t care about the ongoing rumors about their off screen relationship because that’s a cop-out. These are two (supposed) professionals, and God bless her, Lauren does put in her all, every time. She is, after all, Lauren FREAKING Graham. I just don’t think Scott P. possesses the chops necessary to really bring that kind of intensity, or to be that emotionally willing to dive in headfirst into a scene of that kind of magnitude.

Anyway, in other news, they're fucking with my radio again. I don't know what the hell is up with Houston radio, but in the past year or so they’ve just been switching everyone around, up, and sideways. Now they're getting rid of Maria Todd and Atom Smasher on 104.1. Soon, Ruela and Ryan, formerly of 96.5, will be taking over the morning timeslot. Now to give you a better picture of what is causing my little temper tantrum, just a few months ago Ruela and Ryan were ousted inexplicably from their morning haunt on 96.5. In their place, Sam Malone, long-time DJ, who just last year, in a somewhat heroic, somewhat asinine manner, quit his position as lead DJ for the 104.1 morning show ON AIR, out of nowhere.

For the love of GOD, RADIO PEOPLE, this is my ENTERTAINMENT, the pacifier that sees me through traffic with as little stress and yelling as possible! DON'T FUCK WITH THE FUCKING FORMULA!! Argh.



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