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1. SPN. Um, yeah. That was just one giant CRACK!fic put on film (with a heavy emphasis on CRACK). But they did manage some rather humorous moments. Cut for spoilers )
2. I really want to kill Justin Timberlake's video for What Goes Around...Comes Around. And by kill I mean, KILL IT WITH FIRE. Dude. I GET IT. WE ALL GET IT. Britney didn't just dick you over. She dicked you over with a choreographer. But that misogynistic, 9 AND A FUCKING HALF MINUTE diatribe against all womankind set to music? That big giant FUCK YOU to all the girls who have broken your heart and cheated on you? Yeah. You actually made me side with the cheater – ALL OF THEM. YOU WANKING JACKASS.
3. Tylenol Cold. Best combination drug EVAR.
4. IT'S COLD. It was 30 when I left the house this morning at 6:30. THIRTY DEGREES. Argh. This whole winter thing this year has been a big joke on us poor Houston-ers. We don't do this kind of cold. We do god awful, 100% humidity in 100+ degree heat. That's what we're built for. Not honest to God WINTER.
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OMFG. Please somebody kill me. I made the mistake of going over to the Supernatural board over at TWoP. After reading several comments regarding Jo NOT being humiliated during her non-fight with Possessed!Sam, I posted this:

Pardon? She was threatened with rape and then had her head bashed against the bar. I'd say that was pretty fucking humiliating, especially when one takes into account how the other hunter was taken care of, i.e. QUICKLY. Her sex was used against her in order to subdue her. As men, Dean and Sam do not live with the threat of rape looming over their heads every day. Women have since the dawn of man.

To which this fucktard responded with this gem of idiocy:

That kind of reasoning only makes it a woman`s fault if she is sexually assaulted or feel she was humiliated for not being able to fight back and "letting it happen". What MegSam tried to do was horrifying but a)he is a demon and b) a demon who was female last time we saw and had not problems doing the same to Sam in "Shadows". Why would he/she not play with sexual violence her. Especially on someone Sam knew. That`s mind-game, he didn`t need to play this with the dead hunter.

I hate human beings. I really, really do, and that board is like a beacon for the stupidest of the bunch.

ETA: HA! I was reported for boards on boards when I responded to fucktard yet again:

What the what? The fact that rape is ever-present in a woman's life, that makes rape her fault? I'm sorry? Oh, nevermind. Silly me. I forgot what board I was on for a moment. Earth logic does not apply here.

Ms. Wing Chun sent me a nice little note. Aw. I have the warm and fuzzies now.[/sarcasm]
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Born Under a Bad Sign )
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I love you, The Office. I love you, Karen. You are made of awesome and never change. Well played, Jones. Well played.

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We finally had a decent cold front come in. It's supposed to be gorgeous through the weekend. I can't wait to open up all the windows and air out the house. Boo and Lynna won't know which window to pick and will most likely spend the next 48 hours bouncing from sill to sill.


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