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Shipping meme stolen from [ profile] heather11483:

If you want to do this one, make the list of pairings before you see the questions!

Six ships you're into right now.

01 → Casey/Cappie, Greek
02 → Brennan/Booth, Bones
03 → Sonny/Chad, Sonny with a Chance
04 → Reese/Crews, Life
05 → Pam/Ryan, The Office
06 → Parker/Hardison, Leverage

Three ships you liked, but don't anymore.

07 → Pam/Jim, The Office
08 → Rory/Jess, Gilmore girls
09 → Kitty/Robert, Brothers & Sisters

Three ships you never liked.

10 → Hotch/Reid, Criminal Minds
11 → Cristina/Burke, Grey's Anatomy
12 → Penny/Leonard, The Big Bang Theory

Two ships you're curious about, but don't actually ship.

13 → Fiona/Michael, Burn Notice
14 → Liz/Jack, 30 Rock

Questions )
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Oh my fucking hell. The cold open for The Office just about undid me. Poor Buster.
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[ profile] kimarama found Pam's AMAZING speech from last week's "Beach Games." Guh. I'm still in awe, hence my new journal title. Pam Beesly owns all, yo.


USA Today has the excerpt for Fourth Comings up. I can't wait to see Jess again after all the ups and downs she went through in Charmed Thirds. Hopefully, we'll get to see more of Hope too, because I was so happy to get a better grasp of her at the end of CT.


Reason number 23455590 why I am equal parts in love with and skeeved out by Jensen Ackles. Basically: he is such a fucking boy.

I do find it interesting that he confirmed some of the DA on-set gossip by admitting he and Alba did not get along because she was a self-admitted *GASP!* bitch. 'Twas nice of her to call him up and apologize for being unprofessional. I’ll give her that.

Also, in that link, the OP features Alona Tal, who was there at the Asylum con as well, and I really really cringe when she mentions how much the negative reaction from fans hurt her. Not just because it was overblown and irrational and made me despise that part of fandom, oh those that think mainly with what’s between their legs, but because it led to the marginalization of an entire storyline that seemed to be a big part of the plan for season two because Kripke is a spineless, pandering ass. Plus that hideous, pathetic send-off for Jo.

And then she basically confirms for the world that Kripke and co. are, in fact, morons (bigger than even I thought). Heart you, AT.


The obligatory fic recs:

Money can't buy you back the love that you had then by [ profile] sophia_helix
[The Office; characters: Jim, Pam; rating: General; spoilers: through "Beach Games," nothing beyond that; word count: 1,800 words.]
Just as I squeed and jumped (figuratively) in joy over the events of "Beach Games", this fic brought me crashing back to earth with its unflinching eye for the realities of the situation. As much as I have loved the highs – the many, many highs – of season two, culminating in "Casino Night", this has always been a possibility, especially with a Jim who just refuses to learn.

Black and White and Sharp All Over by [ profile] fox1013
[Brothers & Sisters; Rebecca; rating: PG; summary: except that it's not everything, because everything is a lie; word count: 1,417.]
Oh, man. I adore this fic as it gives such a tremendous view into Rebecca. She is such a fucked up girl, one who could do the things she has done and still have this desperate yearning to be accepted by the Walkers. It fits especially well in her scene with Nora last night.


Apr. 6th, 2007 08:05 am
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Holy crap. The Office and 30 Rock were AWESOME last night, like I was gasping for breath I was laughing so hard at those endings. Dude. Cut for spoilage. )

Then Scrubs had to totally bust my bubble with that storyline. Please, for the love of all that is holy, NBC, put that baby to bed. Cut for very minor spoilage. )

Oh, and work gods, could you light a fire under the Gov's ass (and the department head's, too, just for good measure) and get us released early today? It's Good Friday, yo. I want my four hours.
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I'm back. Got in Tuesday night. Las Vegas, February 2007: a rundown. )

Watched tons of TV since Tuesday night. (I took Wednesday off as a day of recovery.) Heroes managed to make my jaw drop as I was so NOT expecting that ending. Yay. It still manages to surprise me! How I Met Your Mother was also pretty awesome for that ending. Cut for spoilers. )

As for Thursday night TV, The Office – WHOA. Holy shit. Poor Jim. Seriously. He can't win for losing. But PAM! Pamela Beesley, you’re getting there and it is an amazing thing to see.

And then it was the end of The O.C., which I have been saving on the DVR for the last several weeks. I couldn't bring myself to watch all the episodes leading up to tonight, but I couldn't not watch the series finale live. It didn't quite hit the levels of Felicity or Dawson's Creek (oh holy God, DC just about killed me. Mom even cried and she hated DC.), but it made me a little weepy. Cut for spoilers )
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Hey, Rashida Jones, how you so AWESOME?

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Oh, The Office, YOU complete ME.
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I had the strangest dream the other night. I was watching TV when a commercial for The Office came on. (I blame the Ed Helms/John Krasinski commericals.) The purpose was to show Jim and Pam's progressing relationship, so you see them finally about to have the sex, stumbling towards the bedroom, but when they fell into bed, it was months (years?) into the relationship. Then when Jim gets out of bed, they're married, and he's going to get the baby from its crib.

The commercial itself was awesome, and I remember going online to ask about it. Needless to say, there was much flailing and squeeing to be had.
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Four things that made me laugh tonight:

1. The O.C. Seriously, I think I may have broken my squee-er because it started at the teaser and didn't stop until about thirty minutes after the show ended and those AWESOME previews for next week. Cut for spoilers. )
2. T-Mobile's My Faves commercials. While I enjoy the ones with the guy who complains about a guy smelling of Gouda (hence Gouda boy will not be taking the last spot in his five) and the one about Gandhi ("That's between me and Gandhi."), I giggle like a FOOLlove the one with the guy confronting his roomie about putting his girlfriend in his five. "You don't give another guy's girl a foot massage and you don't put her in your five." Cue Secret Lovers.
3. Jim's look at Pam tonight. Oh, John Krasinski, not only are you one fine ass mofo (and a tall drink of water, too), but then you gotta be all funny and ridiculously expressive with the eyes and make me bray like a jackass. Dude, CALL ME.
4. Joy Turner from My Name is Earl. "I'm sorry but when you talk with your deaf accent..." She continues to reign as QUEEN OF FRICKIN' AWESOMETOWN.
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I love you, The Office. I love you, Karen. You are made of awesome and never change. Well played, Jones. Well played.

Ugly Betty )

Supernatural )
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Finally got around to watching the latest episode of The Office.

In short - hee! )


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