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I love you, The Office. I love you, Karen. You are made of awesome and never change. Well played, Jones. Well played.

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Found this wank about Jensen Ackles today. OMG, the responses that cropped up over here poking fun at the original poster, from some of the funnier, best-tongue-in-cheekers EVER, are seriously for the win, folks.

And apparently Jensen's a smoker, though there seems to be no photographic evidence to support this alleged fact. God. Jensen, honey, buy a clue with all that SPN money.

Now onto Tuesday night TV:

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Ugly Betty )

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We finally had a decent cold front come in. It's supposed to be gorgeous through the weekend. I can't wait to open up all the windows and air out the house. Boo and Lynna won't know which window to pick and will most likely spend the next 48 hours bouncing from sill to sill.
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Eric Mabius is a Betty/Daniel 'shipper! Hee!

Though nothing immediate is on the horizon, even Mabius hopes his character sees the beauty in "Ugly Betty". “I don’t see how it can’t happen but we don’t know that yet. I certainly think it’s possible because there’s an inevitable trust that’s established, and admiration and confidence in one another as people. You see that Betty and Daniel make one another better, who they are, more complete. It’s like she has a gap and I have a gap and together we sort of create this whole. When things get charged and excited like that, of course the emotional attachments are inevitable. But I’m not writing the show.”

Go here to read the complete interview.

Sigh. Those are all the reasons why I adore their relationship thus far, but I'm still on the fence if I want Betty and Daniel to move beyond friendship. Although I would not be averse to watching Eric and America make out, because, hello, pretties!
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Pardon me while I squee!

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