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What the fuck is it about Jensen Ackles and his fans? No, SERIOUSLY. I do not get it. What is it about him that inspires such overwhelming crazy in seemingly normal females? And when were we supposed to start taking Supernatural and the boys as fucking gospel? I mean, the show is shit, brain-candy on its best day and complete drivel on its worst.


When the Harry Potter fandom is starting to look relatively sane by comparison, well. That's not good, yo. As someone on Fandom Wank put it: “Is good now evil? Black is white? Dogs and cats living together! Mass hysteria!” (Also total win for referencing The Ghostbusters.)

*burrows into some more Frankie to remind myself of a time when fangirls let out their crazy in healthy ways, like screaming or crying when in the presence of their idol, and at most a dramatic fainting spell*
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I found Heroes to be all around awesome last night, but as per usual, [ profile] latxcvi manages to sum up my thoughts far more eloquently and with far more articulation than I could even hope for. I was a pathetic, weeping mess by the end of it, and I am eagerly anticipating next season. Aside from a few random shallow comments which are very minor spoilers. )

Oh, and the planned spin-off Heroes: Origins, too.

Between Heroes, Sunday's Brothers & Sisters, and last Thursday's The Office, I am permanently in a state of verklempt. It isn't wholly unpleasing, as I've loved and enjoyed each and every finale. It's been a great season of TV.

This post, re: FanLib, by [ profile] icarusancalion seems to be popping up in posts all over the flist. It's pretty fantastic. Plus there's some wank to be had over at Fandom Wank, too, with regards to the whole FanLib mess. (For the record, I'm in the camp that everything to do with that site is bad and no good can come of it.)

Finally, [ profile] inlovewithnight, is this the wank in Buffy fandom you were referring to earlier?
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Apparently some douche who will never, ever get laid wrote an op-ed piece he likes to call "satire" regarding rape and how VERY AWESOME rape is for his school newspaper. Strangely enough, people didn't find it funny. Cue the much-deserved backlash against the asshat and the editors of the school newspaper and the resulting wank!

(Of note, I am seriously late to the party as this was discussed on Feministe back on 02-09-07.)
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Someone over at otf_wank posted this in response to some boob's comments about being an anarchist:


Something Positive FOR THE WIN, YO! (Well, and the poster who commented with the link.)
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Found this wank about Jensen Ackles today. OMG, the responses that cropped up over here poking fun at the original poster, from some of the funnier, best-tongue-in-cheekers EVER, are seriously for the win, folks.

And apparently Jensen's a smoker, though there seems to be no photographic evidence to support this alleged fact. God. Jensen, honey, buy a clue with all that SPN money.

Now onto Tuesday night TV:

Gilmore Girls )

Veronica Mars )

OMG! UB Casting News: Daniel's Mom )


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