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Title: shocking fuzz of your electric fur
Pairing: Derek/Girl!Stiles
Rating: NC-17
Summary: The first time, it's awkward and fumbling and nothing about it is romantic or cute. A fill over at [ profile] in_heat.
Spoilers/Warnings: This exists in a universe where Stiles has always been a girl, but is pretty much the same as in the show, save for the whole possessing a vagina thing. Underage sexytimes abound. Um, Girl!Stiles also has a potty mouth?
Notes: Title comes from the ee cummings poem.
Disclaimer: Not mine. So not mine. If this was, I’d be playing like I was Barbie and Derek was Ken, and we would be having many good times in the White Suitcase o’ Love.

The first time, it's awkward and fumbling and nothing about it is romantic or cute. Stiles tries not to shove Derek right the fuck off as soon as he pushes inside her because oh my GOD, why would any girl want to try again after THAT?


The fifth time, Derek gets a muscle cramp and Stiles jokes that he needs more potassium in his diet. That goes over as well as can be expected.

Maybe it’s the legend she’s built in her mind of Derek, that he’s some Alpha leaving behind him a trail of broken hearts, lovers who will always secretly reminisce about that one guy who fucked them blind and then got away.

Reality is like a punch to the face, because he's just as fucking clueless as she is, and it figures that she'd give up her virginity to the one werewolf in the vicinity that is virgin in all but name only. Fucking Kate Argent. Psycho and utterly useless.


The eighth time, something about the angle of her hips or maybe it's when he lifts her leg just so, holding it up by the knee as he's thrusting. Whatever it is, his pubic bone slams into her clit with every plunge of his dick, and holy hell, should she be worried that her eyes are rolling back in her head like that? Somewhere in there, she's scratching her nails down his back and he’s howling like his fucking life depends on it.


The twelfth time, he turns her over, braces her hips with his arm, and he takes her from behind. Stiles is sure an invisible chorus somehow fits itself into the steamy backseat of Derek's car because they’re singing fucking "Hallelujah!" as she spins out into an orgasm that leaves her boneless beneath him.

When Derek comes, his growl rattles the windows until, if she had any fucks left to give, she’s half-worried they'll shatter.


The seventeeth time, Derek holds her as she comes because he's an asshole motherfucker who decides to change the rules halfway through the first quarter, and then he’s clinging to her, his eyes gone blue and unflinching as he comes inside her.

He rests his head against hers, and she can't fall for him. She's spent way too much time pining after a boy who will never love her like that, and if she had any energy left, she would pinch the shit out of him because she can’t punch for anything.

But then he’s kissing her and it's like he's been holding these promises there, hidden away in his mouth. He whispers them to her with his lips and tongue, and it’s like learning a new language. One all their own.


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