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So I am working my way through season one of Teen Wolf. Again. It's becoming a habit when it comes to the end of semester hysteria, and by habit, I mean this is the second time I've done this to make it through the mad rush of last papers and finals with my sanity in tack.

Anyway. It occurred to me as I was watching the scene between Stiles and his father in "Co-Captain" for the millionth time that maybe the Sheriff doesn't talk about his wife. Like, at all. That Stiles reacted the way he did because the Sheriff just doesn't admit that he still feels her loss every day. He's bottled all of that up even as he still wears the ring she placed on his finger all those years ago, still looks at Stiles and sees her, and that's why he really drinks. It's not the stress of the job, not really. It's the stress from her not being there every day. The stress that he's maybe-kinda-sorta fucking up this whole raising-Stiles-thing.

I swear, I don't know if I want to hug or punch Jeff Davis. On any given day, it's one or the other or both because the Stilinski men are very likely going to be the death of me.
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