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...or How the Republican Party is Seriously Doing Women Wrong

I know people want to just chuck everyone in Congress out on their asses, but Delaware Republicans seriously think Christine O'Donnell is a VIABLE senatorial candidate?

NO, SERIOUSLY?! She's a fucking moron. She doesn't even get that the audience is NOT laughing because she PWN'D Coons, but rather they're laughing at her stunning idiocy.

Also, I find it very telling that an ad was produced, aired, and then quickly yanked from the airwaves in Nevada urging Latino voters to stay home from voting rather than go Democrat after Angle once again stuck her foot so far in her mouth, the search team still hasn't recovered it. On Friday, she actually told a group of Hispanic high school students she thought they "looked more Asian" and that she was the first Asian state legislator in Nevada.

First, she mistakenly says that she has to pay (via her insurance) for other women's maternity leave (uh, no, dumbass) and suggests that since she's done having babies, let's get rid of it, amirite? She then used air quotes to talk autism. In another recent gem, she repeated the long-since debunked urban legend that the 9/11 hijackers entered the US via Canada (NEWSFLASH: THEY DID NOT. Each of them was granted a visa by the US).

I guess it's nice of them to be so fucking into their own ignorance that they do all of this with cameras rolling, but that the race is still so very close in Nevada because as a Nevadan noted on [ profile] ontd_political most folks aren't supporting Angle, but rather voting for anyone that isn't Reid. If she actually makes it to Congress, Nevada, you let me know how that whole cutting off your nose to spite your face worked out for you, 'kay?
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When I played this song for a friend (she's twenty), all she got out of it was, "That girl has an attitude problem."

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Remember how I said that Texas often makes me SMFH? Yeah, this bullshit is one of the reasons that this state still looks so backfuckingasswards.

...I just have no fucking words for how horrifying this situation is, or is getting by the damn second. Mr. Araguz's family is a fucking shame to humans E V E R Y W H E R E.

*Subject line is a quote from an amazing article someone commented with on my post over at [ profile] ontd_political called Questioning Transphobia: Disclosure, Trans Panic, and Ciscentric Narratives of Honesty. You should definitely check it out.
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Peaches Geldof, go back to England. They birthed your ignorant, entitled ass, they should have to deal with your constant state of fuckwittery.

Oh, and take your idiot, creepster boyfriend Eli Roth with you.
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Really, just knock it the fuck off already. I only have so many beloved childhood movies left. What are you going to do next, remake Explorers or My Science Project? (AND NO, THOSE WERE NOT SUGGESTIONS FOR UPCOMING PROJECTS.)
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Okay, flist, it has come to my attention (thanks to a poster over at [ profile] ontd_political) that It Happened to Alexa Foundation is hosting a fundraiser, an organization whose sole purpose is to help rape victims. Great, right?

In another one of those laughably horrible "one of these things is not like the other," guess who's coming to speak at this fundraiser? Bill O'Reilly. Yep, THAT Bill O'Reilly. The one who blamed Jennifer Moore for her rape and murder; or, you know, the guy who claimed that Shawn Hornbeck just didn't want to go home to his parents’ rules, hence why he remained with his abductor/abuser for four years.

I just can't even FATHOM who thought this was a good idea – unless the ultimate goal is to utilize this opportunity to tar and feather the motherfucker.

Here's the email: I've already sent them an email of my own, but the more voices raised in protest of this fuckwittery, the better.
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As if this story couldn't get any worse.

Okay, I'm going to crawl under my desk now and think happy-happy thoughts.
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ABC Family is turning 10 Things I Hate About You into a TV series.


Actually I have five: HELL TO THE FUCK NO.

In other WTF-type news, my boss sent me an email today asking what "concluded" means. I knew she had issues with the English language, what with the way she totally fucks up the usages of commas, periods, an vs. a, WORDS, etc., but seriously? (My previous supervisor, who was from China, didn't make my eyes bleed with her emails, and English was HER SECOND FUCKING LANGUAGE.) You're going to ask YOUR EMPLOYEE the meaning of a word? Instead of, I don't know, LOOKING IT UP YOURSELF?

I want to stay put while I complete all of my pre-recs, but fuck if the constant barrage of massive stupidity from my so-called SUPERIORS isn't making it easy to keep the status quo.
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Oh, Jordin Sparks. I couldn't stand you before when you came out in favor of the anti-choice stance and in such an obnoxiously pretentious way, but then you go and do this? WHAT THE FUCKING WHAT? I know you're young. I know it is the right of the young to be pathetically know-it-all when it comes to their beliefs; HOWEVER, when you go throwing the SLUT word around like that? That's when we're going to have a problem. We females have enough of a problem handling that kind of shit from the male sector. We don't need our fellow sister-in-arms helping out the other side's cause.

So, STFD and STFU.

On a side note, thank you, John Legend, for the very pointed way you held up your hands. ILU, BB.
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Texas man cleared of shooting suspected burglars.

Oh, Pasadena.
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Oh, for the love of Christ, Ferraro, shuddyup already. It's almost pathological at this point.
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The Guid, who normally makes me just shake my head with her stupidity, had me going all out *headdesk* this morning. She made this very defensive comment – we were discussing the debate – that she was voting for Hillary and that she has her "reasons." She continued to bluster on about how Obama supporters have been attacking Hillary supporters, and I was like, "It goes both ways, [name redacted to protect the terminally stupid]. There are a lot of so-called feminists attacking their fellow females because they aren't automatically supporting Hillary, basically calling them anti-woman. Just because I possess a vagina DOES NOT mean I have to support the sole vagina-possessin' candidate. That goes against everything I stand for as a feminist." So then I asked her why she was supporting Hillary because I honestly wanted to know and she responded with (I SHIT YOU NOT): "This country isn't ready for a black president."

Of course, she isn’t the only POC I’ve heard this from. BibleThumper’s daughter-in-law is convinced that if Obama is elected that he’ll be assassinated and doesn’t want to see him in office. She's experienced a lot of rascism here (especially from BibleThumper's in-laws, against their own great-grandchild) to the point that she wants to return to California so I can understand why her view is slanted that way, but I don't think Hillary would be in any less danger as a female president. Women aren't exactly on top of the world at the moment. (I mean, FUCK. The KKK endorced OBAMA because "anyone is better than Hillary." [Redacted: apparently this is one of the many rumors making the rounds about my Obama.] She'd be in danger, it would just be from DIFFERENT fucktarded factions.)
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I hurt just LOOKING at Jennifer Lopez.

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I went to my PCP a few weeks back because of my migraines. She prescribed Topamax. Its primary use is as an anticonvulsant, but it has shown great, long-term benefit in the treatment of migraines. For instance, if you take it for a year, you can actually see up to two to three years benefit. One potential side effect is peripheral neuropathy (tingling in the hands and feet), but that is mainly in the beginning of the treatment and transient.

Another side effect (or MAJOR BONUS and a big reason why I recently switched over to Yaz for my birth control): it suppresses the appetite. I don't really have an issue with this except when I'm PMSing and during my period, so basically two weeks out of the month I'm a bottomless pit, all FEED ME and Brenda-like.

However, I discovered something this week, another side effect of the drug. As most Americans of my generation, I have a thing for soda. My soda of choice? Big Red. (That link's for you, [ profile] briary_flower.) Anyway, I'd been noticing that the last few Big Reds I'd bought were flat, and then the Coke I bought with my beef fajita soft taco combo at Taco Cabana on Friday. Finally, on Monday, Katt managed to grab a couple of free, ice cold Cokes leftover from a meeting in the back workroom, and when I took a big gulp, I cringed as I swallowed down a mouthful of flat, highly sweet soda. I went to Gabs and asked her if her Coke was flat, too, and she said it was almost too carbonated to drink. "It's actually burning my throat."

So, in summation, I do not have the tinglies or migraines anymore, my appetite is practically non-existent, and soda is flat. I'd say that's a win-win-win.

In other, completely fanfuckingtastic news, Giuliani Completes His Collapse. If that isn't something to celebrate - hell, I was doing a jig in the car as they were discussing the results of the Florida primary this morning - I do not know what is. YAYS, PEOPLE. YAYS, YAYS, YAYS.
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Okay, Star Jones, I usually want to revoke your conversation card, but this? WONDERFUL. For the moment, you win at all things and I want to give you many sparkly things. I won't even make a comment about your need to flash your deflated cleavage regularly for like a month. SWEARSIES.

But you, John Gibson? You, sir, need to go back under the rock from which you crawled, you pathetic piece of shit. I don't know why I'm still surprised by the fucktards at Fox, considering the gems spewed by O'Reilly and Hume, but fucking hell, you actually thought your "commentary" would be considered amusing?

Better yet, would you just DIAF instead? The rock deserves better.
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What the fuck is it about Jensen Ackles and his fans? No, SERIOUSLY. I do not get it. What is it about him that inspires such overwhelming crazy in seemingly normal females? And when were we supposed to start taking Supernatural and the boys as fucking gospel? I mean, the show is shit, brain-candy on its best day and complete drivel on its worst.


When the Harry Potter fandom is starting to look relatively sane by comparison, well. That's not good, yo. As someone on Fandom Wank put it: “Is good now evil? Black is white? Dogs and cats living together! Mass hysteria!” (Also total win for referencing The Ghostbusters.)

*burrows into some more Frankie to remind myself of a time when fangirls let out their crazy in healthy ways, like screaming or crying when in the presence of their idol, and at most a dramatic fainting spell*
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As per usual, I was listening to NPR on my way into work this morning. Naturally, there was much discussion about Mitt Romney's speech yesterday addressing his faith (or not? I'm still undecided). Most of the people polled during the segment thought it was a misstep but ultimately raised their opinion of him, and these were folks in NH who had attended his less-than-stellar rotary club meeting this past Tuesday. Again, most felt that this was a non-issue, especially in light of JFK’s speech (in Houston, no less) back in the 60s regarding his Catholicism.

I disagree. Man, I disagree SO HARD. I think it is an issue, an important one, especially when Romney says his faith will guide his decisions if he were elected president.

The reason? Bush, plain and simple. The current idiot in charge has allowed his personal beliefs, his theological system, to affect matters of STATE on more than one occasion (his stance on Roe v. Wade [and the perceived (rightly so) threat of his power over the Supreme Court], gay marriage/rights, the government funding of church-funded programs and schools, and stem cell research, as well as the abstinence only program for “sexual education” [what a fucking joke] just to name a few). Yes, one should follow one's own moral compass which is largely informed by one's belief system, but not when it goes against the majority of the nation, the majority of the House and Senate. They are our voice. WE THE PUBLIC elect them to speak for us, and when you say that you will veto something voted on and approved by Congress simply because it doesn’t match with your own belief system? That’s when you’ve stepped over the line, buddy, but then I truly believe you can’t even see the line anymore, it’s so fucking far behind you.

Granted, I am someone who does not believe in organized religion; however I think everyone has a right to practice their faith any which way they want to. Just keep it out of my face (having grown up in the south, I’ve experienced my fair share of “testifying” so I may be a wee titch bitter) and for fuck’s sake, keep it out of my government.


In news of a much sweeter sort, more proof that Nathan Fillion is not only awesome but more than worthy of my undying love and adoration.
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Would Anne Coulter die in a fire already? HAAATE.
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I don't know why I'm surprised. Perez Hilton has the audacity to claim he is a journalist, therefore he is perfectly within his rights stealing copyrighted photos and video for his website. Seriously? Dude, you sit on your ass in a coffee shop and post random, pathetic drivel (usually from sketchy sources – *cough*Spencer Pratt*cough*) with bullshit scrawled across in illegible MS Paint. That does not a journalist make.

Please try again, LOSER.

In news of the OMG-hallelujah-TGIF variety, Gabs surprised us all with Mickey D's for breakfast. We followed our healthy hash browns and sausage biscuits with cups of Coke. This makes for awesome.

And I tried a new class on Wednesday called the Dancer's Workout. It's basic ballet, but I LOVED it. I just never thought I'd take a workout class at 24 Hour that involved classical and opera. We finished to Schubert’s "Ave Maria" and Kendra (the teacher) was like, "Why aren’t y’all talking?" And we’re like, "Hello! The music!" It was absolutely fabulous.
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Yesterday, before weight training class (OMFG, people, speaking of, Heather is trying to kill us; by the end of class, when we were on all fours, doing these leg-lift-kick things, she said, laughing, "Just pretend y'all're kicking me." Oh, Heather, we already were. We already were.) I went to Smoothie King because I was starving and I tried out this new smoothie called Raspberry Sunrise. It was YUMMY. Tart and sweet and so very bueno.

As for the play, Ngoc and I will be making it a one day trip tomorrow. Obviously, this will involve lots and lots of Starbucks. Thank God, there's one with a drive through in Huntsville now because that'll be about the time I've finished off my first Venti Nonfat Latte.

And in news of the totally and completely awesome, The Gosling proves how truly fucking awesome he is when he takes a trip to D.C. to talk about the mess in Uganda as a result of the horrifying war going on in the Sudan and the Iraq War. The way our government is NOT responding to the atrocities over there illustrate what I despise most about this war, specifically, the excuse for it: freeing the Iraqi people from Suddam Hussein's tyranny, and yet where are they when it comes to Darfur? Oh, that's right! No oil.


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