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My girl McStevesalot sent me this on FB:


Attention, future spawn: please do not turn into an Alex P. Keaton, okay? My heart couldn't take it, nor could I handle the I-told-you-so-cackle I'd get from your grandmother EVERY TIME I talked to her.
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Thank you to [ profile] frohohaggins over at [ profile] ontd_political for bringing this comedy gold to my attention.

It's official: May 12th, 2009 is AWESOME WOMEN DAY. Yes, I realize neither this vid nor the one I posted before it actually occurred TODAY, but see how much I do not care.

In other AWESOME WOMEN news, Mom started her job as an Nurse Practitioner today. She had to go outside, to Memorial Hermann, but it's SUCH a cool position. It's palliative care but the focus is CHF (congestive heart failure) rather than oncology and it's a part of their new home health arm. She'll be overseeing nurses as well as seeing patients herself, and she's so geeked out. It'd be like if I found myself an editing position at some big publishing house after grad school. MY GEEK: COULD NOT BE CONTAINED, as is the case with Mama. We actually had a squee session as we got into our cars this morning.

Anyway, back to SAP PhII. Oh, work life, catch up to actual life in the awesome department already!

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Sep. 26th, 2008 04:43 pm
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1. I am alive. We survived the storm relatively unscathed. Besides a few shingles pulled off the roof and our fence well and truly fucked, Ike took pity on us. Centerpoint Energy, on the other hand, did not; we didn't get our power back for a week. Now THAT was a bitch and a half.

2. My consult with the boob doc went well. It's only a matter of waiting to find out if the insurance approved me, or if I'll have to go a round with them to prove that I do need to get my Ks down to a C. *fingers crossed*

3. I am officially in love with Step-Up 2: The Streets. Don't even ask, people. It's positively AWESOME. Of course, I have a great love for Fast Forward, so. Grain of salt.

4. Privileged is, hands down, my favorite new show this season. I love it like burning. And I finally - FINALLY! - figured out where I know Brian Hallisay (a.k.a., hot neighbor boy Will) from: he played Jimmy in the Cold Case ep "Forever Blue." That episode made me cry like a wee baby. Plus, hello, HOTNESS.

5. The Grandmother is finally back home, which means I get to go to the movies this weekend for the first time in four months. I swear, I could cry. Nevermind having back my weekends. I have missed my weekly movie fix. Eagle Eye, here I come.

Hey, y'all!

Jun. 9th, 2008 11:40 am
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Idaho was chilly, rainy, and windy, but absolutely lovely. )

In other news of the awesome, Lewis Black is coming to Houston in July. This makes me veddy, veddy happy.

And finally a book rec: Max Brooks’ World War Z. I read it while I was in Idaho Falls and immediately had to pass it on to Zeebert before I left who was to then give it to Rae for her flight to Europe. All I have to say is: NORTH KOREA. That shit freaked me the fuck out.
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So. It's raining. This is not news. Out of the past two and half weeks or so, we've had about two days of sun. When the boys walk through the back yard, there is this disgusting sucking noise with each step (think Steve Martin in that scene from Roxanne when he's describing the aliens to the old biddies). Of course, come this summer when the inevitable drought sets in and I'm doing the watering equivalent of musical chairs I'll be ruing this day I complained (oh there will be so much ruage, people).


Reason one through one million times eleventy why having only a one car garage suckeths muchly.

Mom: [re-enters house] Honey, you need to move your car.
Me: [standing outside bathroom, naked as the day I was born] !!!
Mom: [rightfully interpreting my silence] Nevermind, I'll move your car.
Me: [not really meaning it] Are you sure? Because, like I can't. I'm like totally naked. (Apparently being caught unawares turns me into straight up Valley girl. Who knew.)
Mom: Now I'm totally going to make you move your own damn car.
Me: The neighbors will never recover, Mom.


Today is the final day of [ profile] annakovsky's brilliant serial Life under the Observer Effect. (I'm eagerly, desperately anticipating part 5.) It's The Office fic, Ryan/Pam, Jim/Pam, and oh hell, it's just so wonderful, a lovely little story to fill the ever-increasing void that is the never-ending writer's strike. Great world building, characterizations, banter, very much taking its cues from screwball comedies of old. THANK GOD for AK's recent obsession with Cary Grant is my final word on the subject.
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I have had five pieces of amazing fudge. Officemate BibleThumper made it with dark and milk chocolate with big chunks of pecans. This on top of the handful (or more; I refuse to count for the eventual weeping that will occur if I do) of cupcakes I ate over the weekend. It is probably a good thing I've walked to the clinic building, back to our building, then onto the main building and back again with my monitor.

In other news of the not-so-jolly, it's T-Minus three days until The Grandmother arrives. Mom is picking her up on Thursday, and we're driving her back next Wednesday since it’s the only day we can drive together and it’s to be a one-day-roundtrip. To say that Mom has joined me on the hate train with regards to The Grandmother would be an understatement of such massive proportions as to make massive look tiny. She has actually surpassed me. Is it wrong that it warms my cockles? Like tremendously so?

I guess the shame is (and what ensures I will be going FedEx to HELL when I finally shake off this mortal coil) I don’t care if it does because I’m gleeful. It’s like Christmas has exploded inside my body.
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Family stuff. )

I finally got to the movies last night to see 28 Weeks Later. My overwhelming response was despair. Fucking HELL. The hope you're left with post-28 Days Later isn't found in the sequel. My stomach was in knots from the prologue on. SPOILERS. )

And I finally found a picture of Jensen Ackles with a beard where I actually find him quite attractive. The ginger beard – he's just like my cousin (and Dave Annable). He must have a red head in the family.
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I went up to Comanche to pick up the grandmother yesterday, and we drove back this morning. I always enjoy those first few hours with my grandmother because it’s easier to shrug off her less than appealing qualities. She's staying through the New Year, and I'm still on the fence as to whether this is a good thing. To put it bluntly, she makes me fucking BATTY. I usually find myself alternating between wanting to plug my ears with my fingers whilst screaming "Lalalalalala!" at the top of my lungs, or telling her, at last, STFU already. Yes, I realize this sounds harsh, but she is one of those people that wear their ignorance like a badge of honor.

But there is one thing to be said for road trips and that is it gives you time to think. So I’ve put together a list, a How To for surviving here should you ever find yourself wandering the back road highways of Texas.

Road-Tripping Texas Style )

Now for a bit of bitching that I MUST post for the betterment of all.

Letter to Temple, Texas )

Ahem. Whoo. SO MUCH BETTER NOW. Thanks.

Among other things, I finally got to watch The Office and The O.C. today and OMG, LOVE. Ridiculously so. I won’t go into specifics as I really need to go wash off my honey mask and toss my washer load into the dryer and do other little things before I can go to bed, but TWO HOURS OF AWESOME MUST BE COMMENTED ON.

Oh, and [ profile] halfway2home, I adore the holiday mix. It had me grinning from about Brenham to Temple. It’s a toss-up as to which track is my favorite, but right now Snow Patrol’s When I get Home for Christmas and the Jason Mraz and Tristan Prettyman duet All I Want for Christmas are tied for the lead. Seriously. There is not one skipper, and I never would have thought I’d like a cover of Last Christmas, which rates up there among my favorite Christmas songs as well as in the top five of my favorite George Michael songs.

Now, I really need to go wash off my honey mask, put the gunk in my hair that makes it somewhat tamable in lovely Houston, Texas, and go to bed.
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Mom left me the bestest voicemail ever. I will have a working toilet again by tomorrow at noon! This makes me happy. Like, do-cartwheels-if-only-I-could kind of happy. You never know how much you miss your toilet until it's the middle of the night and you have to stumble your way downstairs to the guest bathroom.

Further proof my weirdness is inherited: Mom left her message in a Scottish brogue and called me lassy.
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One of the microwaves in our workroom plays "Old Susannah" when it's finished.


In other news of the WTF-variety, it seems John Mayer is dating Jessica Simpson. Why is it he has to date two of the least-desirable "stars" from Texas? Next, he'll be moving onto Anna Nicole Smith, and I will have lost all respect for him entirely.


My cousin Zeebert, who is so thoroughly fourteen and a boy, whenever he gets frustrated, he actually says "WTF." As in the letters. "And I'm like WTF, you know?" Every time he did it, I would just start to giggle and it would totally undermine his ranting.
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Ever since the family came in last Thanksgiving, we (Mom and I) have been talking about going up to Idaho Falls to visit them. Mom finally got her schedule from school and there's a good two weeks+ in August between the summer and fall semesters. The plan is to fly into Idaho Falls, spend a few days there, then all of us (Mom, me, cousins, uncle, aunt) will travel west and meander our way up and down the Oregon coast for a week. There's talk of renting a house, too, and then we'll return to their place for a few days before flying back.

I've always wanted to see the Northwest so I'm just a little bit excited. Plus, getting to see my family twice in less than a year is tremendous.

Really, I'm at a 10 right now.

In other, slightly less exciting news, I bought two new CDs last night when I went with Mom to Starbucks.

Artist's Choice: Norah Jones

Artist's Choice: Joni Mitchell

Sigh. I'm in love, especially with Joni's. That much jazz compiled on one disk = a very happy rubykate.


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