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In other news, I weeped at the end of HIMYM. How is it a little half-hour sitcom manages to nail all the emotional pitfalls of life so consistently? And even when they seem to flub it, they go and make it all better? In short: HOW SO AWESOME, SHOW?
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Don't make him whip out the watergun.
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So. HIMYM last night? That last scene? Yeah. I squeed so loud and so hard that I scared the dogs. Max did his standard "HOLY HELL, Mommy, loud noise ALERT. Please to be letting me burrow into your chest cavity now," and Elmo immediately jumped down from the chair, standing at attention, ready for all comers, growling low in the back of his throat. I promptly, of course, started to laugh. Calm them? Soothe them? Assure them everything is well? Hell no. I fucking guffawed.

Then Max started his post-crawl-into-cavity mode, which is basically this kissy-flutter thing where he just wants to crawl all over me and lick wherever he can make contact until the crazy noise stops. Which only made me laugh that much harder, and I got frenched by my nutty little Chihuahua about three times.

Seriously, FUN TIMES.
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HIMYM, how do you blend the funny and the sentimental so well in 21 little minutes? If you don't come back next season, I swear, HEADS WILL ROLL.

Oh, and re: the whole Funyuns thing from last week? Exactly how does one kick that habit? I've been trying for lo these last twenty years with no luck.

Heroes, well, yeah. Very minor spoiler for 'The Hard Part'. )
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I've been looking at jobs at for the last couple of months. I have a few job searches and the site will send me emails weekly with new job listings that fall within those searches. One of them is, of course, entertainment-related.

There's this one group that continually advertises for positions like celebrity assistants (the appeal might be great, but my dignity is apparently greater) and the like. Mostly it's these no-name companies advertising positions in sales and marketing that are sort of connected to the entertainment industry. But only if you squint. Really hard. Nothing that would appeal to me, nor am I qualified for any of it either since I've spent the last ten years in health care and research.

Anyway, CBS (the first job posting I've seen from them) has this position available that combines producer and editor. Their oh-so-smart name for this combo? Preditor. Yeah, it isn't quite as mortifying as Tobias's analrapist, but, CBS dudes, THINK. Read it out loud a few times before, you know, deciding and all that.

How I Met Your Mother )
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How I Met Your Mother )

The Class )

Heroes )

I recorded The Black Donnellys as I'm really not that big a fan of Paul Haggis (I'm of the mind he is rather over-rated), but I've heard from multiple people on the flist that it's pretty damn close to perfection. Plus it has a few actors I've liked elsewhere, so I guess I'll give it a whirl this weekend.

ETA: [ profile] iridescentglow posted a link to Herc's review over at Aint It Cool News, which includes MANY MANY MANY excerpts from reviews from multiple papers/magazines and they all read pretty much the same. It appears the only two actors who escaped relatively unscathed are Wilde and Tucker, and even then, it's still rather stunning, the critical response.
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I'm back. Got in Tuesday night. Las Vegas, February 2007: a rundown. )

Watched tons of TV since Tuesday night. (I took Wednesday off as a day of recovery.) Heroes managed to make my jaw drop as I was so NOT expecting that ending. Yay. It still manages to surprise me! How I Met Your Mother was also pretty awesome for that ending. Cut for spoilers. )

As for Thursday night TV, The Office – WHOA. Holy shit. Poor Jim. Seriously. He can't win for losing. But PAM! Pamela Beesley, you’re getting there and it is an amazing thing to see.

And then it was the end of The O.C., which I have been saving on the DVR for the last several weeks. I couldn't bring myself to watch all the episodes leading up to tonight, but I couldn't not watch the series finale live. It didn't quite hit the levels of Felicity or Dawson's Creek (oh holy God, DC just about killed me. Mom even cried and she hated DC.), but it made me a little weepy. Cut for spoilers )
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How I Met Your Mother WINS AT EVERYTHING )

The Class )

Heroes: My Brain HURTS. HURTS. )
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My car is parked across the street in the Target parking lot under what I hope is a working light post. A fine thick sheen of rain glosses the windows until everything is blurry, flashes of color against the dark night.

This would be pretty except that it took me an hour to navigated all the flooded streets to get home. A five-minute drive turned into one long frustrating nightmare that ended with me trudging my way from the aforementioned Target parking lot through mid-calf high water to even get into my neighborhood, much less all the way to my house.

Such is life in Houston, Texas, and if I haven't mentioned how much the heat and humidity and mosquitoes the size of Buicks irritate the shit out of me about this city, these type of days are what really seal my non-love for all things Houston. The city planners, oh you, the biggest fucktards of all the fucktards in the land, probably never have to figure another route because Almeda-Genoa turns into a raging river when so much as two heavy raindrops fall simultaneously. And of course, that would have to be the main road to get to the street that leads to my neighborhood, wouldn't it?


I've included pictures for your viewing pleasure )

Now, on to much more pleasant things, like How I Met Your Mother, which continues its run of pure awesomeness. Cut for spoilers )

As for The Class, Jason Ritter and Lizzy Caplan remain the biggest draw for me, but I didn't really dig their storyline this week. Meh. The only thing that makes me sad at the prospect of cancellation is that those two will be out of a job, once again, and no longer cute-ing up my TV screen every week.

(RIP, Related. RIP.)

Now, as for Heroes. Holy shit with a dollop of what the fuck! )

With that, I'm off to bed. 'Night, folks.
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Allergy season has begun in earnest. I'm in a perpetual state of sneeze and/or almost sneeze with the lovely pre-sneeze itch. Blech.

Houston in the fall and spring HATES ME. Just sees me coming down the street and bumrushes me for a swift kicking of the ass. I'm like that girl in those ridiculous commercials a few years back, with the giant weed beating her about the head and neck.

Anyway, meme stolen from [ profile] carrielh.

25 Random Lyrics Meme
Step 1: Put your MP3 player on random.
Step 2: Post the first lines of the first 25 songs that play, no matter how embarrassing the song.
Step 3: Post and let everyone you know guess what song and artist the lines come from.
Step 4: Strike out the songs when someone guesses correctly.

25 Lines )

I'm also in full-on, no holds barred, love with How I Met Your Mother. I love the relationships between everyone, and I adore the non-credits with the bum-bum-bahs and the candids. The cast is great and fun, and I love the history inherent in each episode, as if I'm catching a little snapshot of the lives of this group of friends each week. And I don't think I could even begin to pick my favorite character.

Now, I'm liking The Class okay, but it's mostly to do with Jason Ritter and Lizzy Caplan, and my great wish for them to make out randomly and often. Especially with that longer hair Jason was sporting tonight. So, PTB, see to that STAT.

With these two and Heroes every Monday night, I'm a very happy girl. Speaking of Heroes, HOLY SHIT! I just. No words. With Hiro and his teleporting and Claire with creepy Daddy. Spoilers ahead )

And now I'm off to bed.


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