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...or How the Republican Party is Seriously Doing Women Wrong

I know people want to just chuck everyone in Congress out on their asses, but Delaware Republicans seriously think Christine O'Donnell is a VIABLE senatorial candidate?

NO, SERIOUSLY?! She's a fucking moron. She doesn't even get that the audience is NOT laughing because she PWN'D Coons, but rather they're laughing at her stunning idiocy.

Also, I find it very telling that an ad was produced, aired, and then quickly yanked from the airwaves in Nevada urging Latino voters to stay home from voting rather than go Democrat after Angle once again stuck her foot so far in her mouth, the search team still hasn't recovered it. On Friday, she actually told a group of Hispanic high school students she thought they "looked more Asian" and that she was the first Asian state legislator in Nevada.

First, she mistakenly says that she has to pay (via her insurance) for other women's maternity leave (uh, no, dumbass) and suggests that since she's done having babies, let's get rid of it, amirite? She then used air quotes to talk autism. In another recent gem, she repeated the long-since debunked urban legend that the 9/11 hijackers entered the US via Canada (NEWSFLASH: THEY DID NOT. Each of them was granted a visa by the US).

I guess it's nice of them to be so fucking into their own ignorance that they do all of this with cameras rolling, but that the race is still so very close in Nevada because as a Nevadan noted on [ profile] ontd_political most folks aren't supporting Angle, but rather voting for anyone that isn't Reid. If she actually makes it to Congress, Nevada, you let me know how that whole cutting off your nose to spite your face worked out for you, 'kay?
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I know this has probably made the rounds here and then back again, but it just has to be said as many times as possible:

Tim Wise, you are a magnificent fucking bastard.
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My god, Trace is taking his doucheyness to heretofore unseen heights. I guess you two were only dating when it gets your pathetic ass some publicity, then?
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Hey, Perez? DIAF ALREADY. I don't know why, but his ability to play the martyr still amazes the fuck out of me.

Pete and Ashlee, I commend you for even trying.
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So the whole Perez Hilton thing is LULZY enough as it is, but then John Mayer has to go and redeem himself by being awesome. He continually owns Mario's ass, and MARIO DOESN'T GET IT. I understand now why Perez gets along so well with Spencer Pratt: they don't get that the world is LAUGHING AT THEM.

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Okay, Star Jones, I usually want to revoke your conversation card, but this? WONDERFUL. For the moment, you win at all things and I want to give you many sparkly things. I won't even make a comment about your need to flash your deflated cleavage regularly for like a month. SWEARSIES.

But you, John Gibson? You, sir, need to go back under the rock from which you crawled, you pathetic piece of shit. I don't know why I'm still surprised by the fucktards at Fox, considering the gems spewed by O'Reilly and Hume, but fucking hell, you actually thought your "commentary" would be considered amusing?

Better yet, would you just DIAF instead? The rock deserves better.
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Would Anne Coulter die in a fire already? HAAATE.
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Oh, this is so fantastic, I can't stop laughing.

Television Employer Without Pity

HA FUCKING HA, Recappers. You thought Sars and Wing Chun were going to actually make sure y’all saw even a little bit of the Sell-Out Booty? SUCKERS.

And with that, I swear, I'm done with the spamming.
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Is it wrong that my first reaction to news that Cassandra Claire was plagiarized is to laugh? Or that the thought that immediately follows is Are we sure CC didn't plagiarize that herself?
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It suddenly dawned on me today that The Reluctant Debutante and What a Girl Wants are based on the same play. How have I missed this all these years (well, at most the last two since WaGW only came out in 2003)?

While I love me some adorable Amanda Bynes (and loveably awkward Colin Firth), I have to say I prefer the original treatment (which was adapated for the screen by the playwright himself, Mr. William Douglas-Home). Kay Kendall and Rex Harrison absolutely sparkle as Mr. and Mrs. Broadbent, and for once, I think it is their off-screen relationship that plays into their easy on-screen chemistry. Not only had they acted together before (and fallen in love despite Rex being a married man), but they were married at the time of the filming of this movie. (Which is a story in and of itself.)

Also, this only came to my attention today via Musesfool's entry about it. It makes my stomach clench to think that this woman, this fraud, is now making money as a writer. What complete and utter bullshit.


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